risk prevention

Why are so many companies missing the point? ERM’s Role in Incident Prevention

Regardless of guilt or innocence, FedEx’s indictment reminded us that in today’s world of complex global interactions and increased regulations, organizations must have a strong handle on interrelated risk, business processes, and relationships. FedEx made headlines for knowingly assisting illegal online pharmacies, according to the U.S. Federal Government. The company was charged with conspiracy to distribute…

Healthcare Industry

PCI DSS in Healthcare: HIPAA Compliance Isn’t Enough to Protect Patients

The healthcare industry has grappled with HIPAA for nearly 20 years. The ever-changing, extensive piece of legislation mandates the protection and security of patients’ private health information, and HIPAA compliance is a costly and time consuming process for healthcare organizations. With the amount of focus and effort directed towards HIPAA compliance, risk and compliance professionals…