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Don’t Let BP’s Disaster Happen to You: Uncover Your Risks Now!

Everyone closely followed the BP saga that began last spring. Could this reputational and environmental catastrophe have been avoided through uncovering weaknesses in their risk management program? The disaster, which is estimated to cost the company up to $37 billion, left a resounding fear in everyone’s mind–could something like this happen to my company? Can I…

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ERM vs GRC? SEC Says No to Myopic Approach: Costly Example from Goldman Sachs

What is the difference between ERM and GRC? Look no further than Friday’s news headline Fraud charge deals big blow to Goldman’s image. In a statement, Goldman called the commission’s accusations “completely unfounded”. A GRC approach does little to protect the organization’s brand reputation, prevent litigation or protect intellectual property infringement. Witness Goldman Sachs. Goldman has…

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S&P Issues Risk Management Progress Report

Standard and Poor’s published their progress report on their integration of Enterprise Risk Management analysis into their non-financial corporate credit ratings evaluations. In observing company performance during the ongoing economic and financial difficulties, S&P has noted that effective or ineffective risk management is often cited as the root of success or failure. This is in…

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New Congressional Report: A Call to Action for ERM Regulation

Yesterday the Congressional panel overseeing the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) program released a scathing report of the regulatory failures that led to the current financial crisis, Congressional Oversight Panel Special Report on Regulatory Reform. The report concluded “The regulatory system not only failed to manage risk, but also failed to require disclosure of risk through sufficient…

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Risk Management: Evolve or Step Aside

The business environment evolves, organizations evolve and people’s roles and contributions must evolve as well. Some risk managers have expressed frustration due to insufficient resources or support from senior management. Risk managers who have an active role in financial reporting compliance activities (e.g., SOX 404) however, find their departments’ visibility and influence within the organization…