effective risk prioritization

Effective Risk Prioritization Is Key to Effective Risk Mitigation

A big mistake in risk management, especially when it comes to companies with newer programs, is underestimating the importance of standardized risk prioritization. Diving into identification and assessments without a sufficient framework inhibits prioritization. This can result in ineffective risk mitigation and duplicate work across departments, or even serious risks flying under the radar. The possibility…


GRC Software: Why You Should Never Pay for Professional Services

Conservative estimates of GRC software implementations place the cost at either $200,000 or 50% of total licensing costs, whichever is greater. Even when initial costs are low, many vendors make up for apparent price reductions with professional services, or customizations, required to make the product work. Professional services are so ingrained in the software landscape…


LogicManager Recognized With 14 Top GRC Software Vendors in 2016 Assessment

LogicManager was recognized in a leading industry analyst’s most recent evaluation of the top 14 GRC reporting software vendors. We take pride in the continued refinement of our product offerings and capabilities, as well as customer satisfaction levels unparalleled in the governance, risk, and compliance market. LogicManager’s business model is designed to remove frustrations common…

compliance is a risk

Advice for Risk Managers: Treat Compliance Like a Risk, Not a Checklist

Many companies share some problematic habits when it comes to compliance management. The worst of them is treating compliance like a checklist. In other words, thinking, “If we meet these specific compliance requirements, our company should run efficiently and securely.” While this is a simplified outlook, the point remains the same. Being compliant guarantees neither…