Assessing Reputational Risk for Occupational Safety & Health

Insurance News Net’s Trish Ennis examined the relationship between occupational  health, safety risk management and reputational risk. Texas City refinery. Upper Big Branch mine. Deepwater Horizon. Tazreen Fashions factory. Rana Plaza. Each of these tragedies was caused by a chain of events that included safety and health system deficiencies. They have something else in common,…

realizing the inpact of unidentified risks and cybersecurity threats

How to Choose ERM and GRC Software: SaaS vs On-Premise?

One of the most frequently cited differences between Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and On-Premise installations is the degree of flexibility between each type of solution. With SaaS solutions on the rise for GRC reporting and Risk Management Software, more and more organizations are realizing that everything they thought they understood about the differences between SaaS and On-Premise…


Investment Firms Failing To Meet FINRA Enterprise Risk Management Requirements

In the last year alone, FINRA has disciplined more than 1,000 companies and individual investment advisors with over $34 million in penalties over failure to meet enterprise risk management requirements. FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, is dedicated to investor protection and market integrity through effective and efficient regulation of the securities industry. A key…

cyberattack prevention

Experts: Cyber Risk Management Requires Enterprise-Wide Governance

Online media outlet TechTarget recently visited the 2014 Advanced Cyber Security Center (ACSC) conference right in our hometown of Boston, MA. Their findings? A successful cybersecurity risk management framework must be built around “Coordination. Cooperation. Collaboration.” “You are not going to eliminate the risk of attacks, you are going to manage the risk,” said Michael…

good governance is made possible by ERM

Independent Research Proves 25% Market Value Premium of Mature ERM Programs

[Editor’s Note: The field of enterprise risk management is growing rapidly. Our new series, brought to you by the LogicManager Analyst Team, will keep you up to date on the latest news and developments in ERM.] Many business cases for enterprise risk management programs begin with what senior management can expect in terms of return…