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Protecting an enterprise against risk is more important than ever. It’s a matter of strategy and operational excellence. Closing the gap between the executive team’s strategic vision and the front line’s execution of that strategy while managing risk and compliance standards is necessary for survival and growth. You must deal not only with risks common to all industries, but also those risks specific to your industry and organization.

LogicManager provides a built-in customizable library of common risks and the industry-specific, function-specific and process-specific risks most critical to your enterprise. By using this best practice library, you uncover the true root-causes of these risks, focus on leading, not lagging indicators, and enable greater front line participation in managing risk, business performance and compliance to standards.

LogicManager’s patent–pending risk taxonomy technology quickly gathers risk management information from all areas of your business and organizes it in a way that represents your organizational structure and operating priorities.

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