Risk Management Software for Government

LogicManager’s ERM software for government helps both state and local departments, and their affiliations, adhere to some of the highest compliance requirements and standards. Regulatory compliance must come alongside accountability to the public, whether through unemployment payments, Medicare, or the provision of common goods. Furthermore, effective risk management in government alongside expansive risk-based business continuity software plans ensures the maintenance of these obligations as well as full operational functionality during a crisis.

LogicManager’s comprehensive ERM software provides governmental agencies the ability to grow and expand their risk management program in line with best practices, and at their own pace.

  • Bring together risk managementcompliance, and business continuity.
  • Communicate and coordinate cross-functionally to increase efficiency.
  • Manage regulations, adherence and mandates with built-in standards libraries.
  • Conduct audits and assess progress over time.
  • Integrate compliance initiatives across multiple federal and local requirements.

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OMB​ Circular A-123

Washington’s OMB recommends a maturity model approach to ERM.

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