LogicManager offers a suite of pre-built governance, risk, and compliance dashboards designed to meet the needs of GRC professionals. Fully integrated with a business intelligence reporting portal, LogicManager’s GRC dashboards help you easily create, filter, and share data visualizations with key stakeholders.
By using LogicManager’s GRC report templates, or by building your own governance dashboards and reports from scratch, users can quickly disseminate key information and measure the performance of their audit, compliance, and governance activities.


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GRC Dashboard Samples

Click to enlarge sample GRC reports & dashboards.

LogicManager customers also have the option of asking their dedicated advisory analyst to recreate and mirror any existing GRC reports, information and findings that are already in place. Your ERM consulting team will replicate these items, including your business’s logo and branding, as a first step in the development of your LogicManager environment.

LogicManager’s GRC reporting tool requires no IT training or experience, and is included with any subscription to our enterprise risk management software. Simply drag and drop the fields and filters you’d like to create, and the governance dashboards tool will do the rest.

GRC Dashboards & Reporting

Risk & opportunity heat maps

  • Aggregate the results of your risk assessments and generate heat maps to track key risks & opportunities
  • Filter by risk categories related to strategic goals or key business lines
  • Measure the maturity of your ERM and GRC program with the RIMS Risk Maturity Model

Ensure continuous improvement

  • Report on the number and status of improvement initiatives
  • Ensure regulatory and legal incidents are closed in an appropriate time frame
  • Measure the percent of controls that require supervisory oversight

Corporate governance metrics

  • View the number of Key Risk Indicators and Key Performance Indicators that are within tolerance thresholds
  • Track the frequency of policy reviews & the status of their attestations
  • Track workflows and approval processes to ensure the timely completion of corporate deliverables

Resource visualizations

  • Diagram how your vendors relate to business applications and services, as well as which key vendors support your most critical business processes
  • View physical asset, third party, and application risk assessments & business impact analysis
  • Share results between departments to reduce rework & streamline your GRC dashboards and reporting program

GRC dashboards

  • See the percent of regulatory requirements that are applicable to your organization & how many of those met by your controls and policies
  • Track attestations from your business units that their compliance management obligations are met
  • View filing deadlines and the status of tasks necessary to meet your regulatory & legal requirements

Audit reports

  • Use an audit management system to display audit schedules and resource requirements in Gantt charts
  • View the history of audits as they relate to your key business processes
  • Track the status of issues and findings, including management’s response & what approvals may be required
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Sharing GRC Reports & End-User Engagement

We recognize that not every stakeholder of your GRC program has the opportunity or appetite to learn a new solution. Some stakeholders, like key executives and board members, need to be made aware of key GRC analysis findings, governance metrics and reports that they can use to drive decision making, but can’t be expected to learn a new process for obtaining those reports.

In order to satisfy the GRC dashboards and reporting needs of leadership, LogicManager’s reporting portal makes it easy to share reports with both users and non-users of our platform. Users can schedule reports to be sent directly to your stakeholder’s inbox at an automated frequency. For example, customers can share the status of key GRC initiatives on a quarterly basis, or receive a weekly summary of GRC metrics findings and issues that have been open for longer than 30 days.

Our risk management consulting analyst team will ensure that we import and recreate any reports your senior management may already be familiar with today, and LogicManager’s ad-hoc GRC reporting capabilities allow customers to easily generate new reporting requirements that can pop up down the road.

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