Our risk-based approach to EHS management allows your subject matter experts to document their efforts and issues in an accessible, easy-to-understand manner.
Designed specifically for highly regulated industries like oil and gas, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, energy & utilities, food & beverage, and manufacturing, LogicManager’s EHS management software combines an ERM methodology with automated regulatory content and feeds to deliver a solution that’s tailored to your program.


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LogicManager’s EHS software is designed with tools to engage the front lines, such as risk assessments, mobile incident reporting, surveys, and tests, and gives you the flexibility to develop reports and aggregate regulatory information by business line or subject matter. Our environmental health and safety solutions include automatic notifications that can be sent across the organization to help bring accountability and standardization to the EHS management process.


Key Benefits of LogicManager’s EHS Software

EHS Management Software

  • Maintain your EHS management responsibilities through task wizards, appearing as a to-do list on the home screen for each user
  • Automate email notifications, alerts and reminders help you keep track of critical requirements, upcoming regulatory reviews, & any outstanding incidents

Simplified Incident & Response Management

  • Centralize and standardize the incident management process for all types of EHS issues and regulatory concerns
  • Determine criticality, assign remediation actions and leverage configurable workflows to facilitate cross-functional investigations

Standardized Surveys & Assessments

  • Utilize a standardized process for conducting risk and compliance assessments with LogicManager’s EHS management software
  • Consolidate and streamline your EHS compliance efforts
  • Leverage pre-built yet configurable surveys, assessments, and best practice criteria to objectify enterprise-wide risk management

Effective Reporting, Dashboards, & Analysis

  • Run out-of-the-box EHS management summaries and gap analysis reports in time for your next regulatory review or board meeting
  • Sort and filter each report by department, governing agency, individual regulation, framework, etc. & track the status of the activities in place for EHS management
  • Export, print or schedule reports for automatic delivery to your email inbox, at any frequency

Easily Manage Critical EHS Resources & Processes

  • Identify the resources your EHS management system relies upon
  • Using LogicManager’s patent-pending Taxonomy, link regulations, standards and frameworks to the processes, resources and components of your organization that they impact
  • Uncover critical dependencies and keep stakeholders aware of changes made in their sphere of influence

Up-To-Date Regulatory Subscriptions & Notifications

  • Regulatory subscriptions notify users of changes and updates, and are available for state, federal and international standards per request
  • Our EHS software subscriptions automatically trigger notifications, tasks and remediation responsibilities for each regulatory change or update

Industry-Specific EHS Management

  • Our EHS compliance software provides out-of-the-box libraries of risks, standards, and regulations, including both cross-industry and industry-specific items
  • Edit pre-built content or have us retrofit your existing data into the system for a quick and seamless implementation

Intuitive Controls, Testing, & Monitoring

  • Create relationships between EHS demands and the policies, procedures and activities in place to manage each
  • Outline and track key metrics, indicators, and financial scenarios as they relate to requirements, controls and business processes
  • Define risk appetites and tolerances for critical concerns, then track adherence over time

Why LogicManager’s EHS Software?


LogicManager’s EHS software helps you meet legal requirements from organizations like ISO, OSHA, the EPA, and the NRC by formalizing change management in your EHS management and compliance framework. Distributing assessments of your legal repository creates accountability and ensures each piece is reviewed by the relevant party. This engagement with subject-matter experts helps determine what each business area knows about its control environments and identifies gaps.

You can use this information to prioritize resources and notify the correct individuals of pending and final rules. Regulatory changes are automatically reflected in your library, so you can track them back to associated risks, controls, and policies in need of reviews and updates.

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Free Resource Downloads
This educational eBook about EHS software and EHS management software walks through 5 best practices for conducting objective, enterprise-wide risk assessments.

This educational eBook walks through 5 best practices for conducting objective, enterprise-wide risk assessments.

EHS software and EHS management software are making risk appetite and risk tolerance actionable which will help to improve the direction and efficiency of your EHS compliance software.

Actionable risk appetite & risk tolerance will help improve the direction and efficiency of your EHS management.

Use EHS software solutions, or environmental health and safety solutions to learn about best practices in change management, the foundation of a healthy program, and implementing/maintaining a risk-based approach.

Learn about change management best practices & implementing and maintaining a risk-based in this eBook.

Our EHS software solutions, or environmental health and satefy solutions utilize a basic risk assessment template that is designed to help you take the first steps in standardizing your processes.

Our basic risk assessment template is designed to help you take the first steps in standardizing your processes.


All LogicManager customers are assigned a dedicated Advisory Analyst, who provides unlimited support for the lifetime of your EHS software subscription. From on-boarding, training, data imports, industry guidance, report building, and hands-on program assistance, our analysts will ensure your goals are met.


FORRESTERLogicManager’s ERM platform is recognized by Forrester Research with a perfect score (5 out of 5) in “Customer Feedback,” as well as high scores in “Product Vision and Strategy.”

– The Forrester Wave™: Governance, Risk, And Compliance Platforms, Q1 2016

What is EHS Software?

Environmental health and safety software, or EHS software, must help with more than just compliance. Integrated EHS compliance software should help your organization identify and prioritize all risks posed to your employees, your stakeholders, and society at large.

Identify operational inefficiencies, track incidents to eliminate their root causes, and finally, use that holistic risk picture to streamline your processes across departments. Our EHS software solutions naturally follows this risk-based approach. By prioritizing the optimization of operations, you can increase your program’s efficiency and value.

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Report, resolve and track any number of incident types with configurable fields and workflows.

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Determine which standards and regulations are applicable, assess compliance, and stay up-to-date with automated alerts and notifications.

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