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As an Audit professional, taking a risk-based approach to your control identification process allows you to prioritize your valuable time and resources appropriately. Learn how LogicManager’s all-in-one Control Identification solution package can help.
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What is Control Identification?

Your company consists of many moving parts all working towards achieving the same strategic organizational goals. Every process carries a unique variety of risks that could threaten these goals, and as an auditor it’s your job to make sure there are controls in place to manage these risks. Identifying the right controls to mitigate those risks is essential in providing assurance and reducing the threat of fraud or ineffective operations and ultimately keep your business thriving.

Of course, there are risks associated with failure to properly carry out the control identification process. But LogicManager has got you covered; read on to learn about our out of the box Control Identification solution package.


An unorganized control identification process can result in duplication of efforts or missing information. This means your resources could be going to waste, which hinders profit margins. If you fail to identify a critical control, you also fail to identify a potential weakness in your program that needs to be remediated. This leaves your organization exposed to unnecessary additional risks. 

Beyond the potential impacts of risks materializing internally, lack of control identification  would fail to meet the requirements of most audits. Auditors hold a fiduciary responsibility to report all of an organization’s risks and how they are remediating them to the board. If you do not identify the proper controls and ensure that they are working properly, you could be found guilty of negligence and face fines or penalties.

Easily Identify Controls with LogicManager

Maintain a centralized repository

Building a strong inventory of your controls, including those that are most critical based on the risks they’re mitigating, helps drive what auditors test and the fieldwork they perform. This fosters more intentional work and creates a cleaner view for the tester to complete tasks without losing key information.

Take a risk-based approach

After completing an assessment on any particular risk, use those results to identify where you’re most vulnerable and where you need controls in place. This allows you to prioritize your time and resources accordingly and ultimately determine which of your controls are most critical based on those that are linked to the highest risks.

Reduce duplicative work

Our Control Identification solution package enables organizations to reduce duplicative work and facilitates the entire audit process. By leveraging existing mitigations across different departments, auditors do not need to duplicate control documentation efforts and can bring in view-only copies of controls to be tested as part of the audit.

Automate your processes

Gain the ability to automate control update requests to the appropriate owners through mitigation tasks. This gives confidence to auditors that the controls are up to date. To ensure accuracy, they will also have field history to see when the last change was made and who completed it.

LogicManager’s Control Identification Solution

Here are some ways in which LogicManager’s Control Identification solution package will help you improve your audit management program: 

  • Release automated prompts for control updates on any set frequency to ensure all updates to controls are captured as they occur. 
  • Connect centralized controls to all testing activities and fieldwork performed during the audit cycle to identify gaps in the organization.
  • Create many-to-many relationships between risks and controls or controls and tests. This allows risk managers to neatly track all relevant relationships between the controls in the system and easily manage their work.
  • Because LogicManager is a GRC platform, you can leverage all of the control identification work that has already been done by other teams (such as ERM or Compliance) so you won’t have to start from scratch. 
  • Our Suggested Mitigation feature automatically suggests new controls based on the risks that you are mitigating. This allows you to automatically identify the controls that may be in scope.
  • Leverage a number of our reporting capabilities, including our:
    • Mitigation Table report: this displays your full inventory of controls in one place
    • Mitigation Dashboard: see what your most critical controls are (and find out what exactly you should be testing)
    • Risk Control Matrix: use this to tie risks to controls and ultimately understand which controls are most critical.

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