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New Audit Standard For Financial Reporting

The approval by the PCAOB Board to the overhaul of the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation on May 23rd has profound significance for the credibility of Enterprise Risk Management as a discipline and its charter for action within organizations. For nearly a decade, big compliance software and consulting firms have been profiting from a “Compliance First” approach. This…

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Information Security and Enterprise Risk Management

IT governance and security of information is critical to all corporations and is one of the many areas of competency established with Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software platforms. The weakness of traditional risk management is the focus on historical precedence rather than forward looking investigative approach. For example, the number of cases reported historically leads corporate IT to…

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Risk Management: What Is the Role of BPM & Content Management Technology?

In every emerging market the question of build versus buy arises. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is no different. Why a purpose-built application in this space? What is the role of enterprise content, workflow and process management technologies? What is the value proposition for a specific purpose-built application in the ERM software space? Should content and…