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Streamline your disaster recovery testing process with LogicManager’s comprehensive Disaster Recovery Exercises & Testing solution package.
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What Is Disaster Scenario Planning?

Disaster Recovery Testing is a great way for organizations to prepare for adverse, potentially catastrophic events by determining how effectively their organization was able to respond.

Disaster recovery testing is commonly performed through tabletop exercises, coupled with corresponding tests, incident management and audits. A tabletop exercise is a scenario-based discussion designed to simulate an emergency situation or disaster.

Lead your employees through an exercise to identify emergency incident response and recovery procedures and ensure all necessary parties are trained and familiar with the roles, procedures and responsibilities following a disastrous event.


There’s always a chance for things to go wrong, and Disaster Recovery exercises and testing helps you stay prepared for anything. The alternatives to careful disaster planning and preparation can be devastating. Disaster recovery testing can minimize the impact of a disaster and potentially save your company from financial or reputational ruin.

Achieve Disaster Recovery Exercises & Testing with LogicManager

Work smarter, not harder

Through our Disaster Recovery Exercises & Testing content package, you’ll be able to seamlessly perform tabletop exercises by leveraging the best practice frameworks. The heavy lifting often involved with designing exercises is already done for you, so you can focus on the preparation portions and save critical time and resources.

Decrease down time

Being better prepared to deal with potential business continuity events means that you are more efficiently able to respond and get back up and running to normal business operations as necessary.

Identify areas for improvement

Tabletop exercises can uncover vulnerabilities, gaps and areas of concern related to your organization’s infrastructure and operations. Once you’ve completed an exercise, your organization will be able to assess the results directly in LogicManager. Through these results, get answers to questions like:

  • Did everyone do what they were supposed to do?
  • Did the equipment and software behave as expected?
  • What were the major and minor problems that you encountered during your test?
  • What went well? What are the areas for improvement?

LogicManager’s Disaster Recovery Exercises & Testing Solution

Here’s what you can expect with LogicManager’s Disaster Recovery Exercises & Testing solution package:

  • The outlined framework design for a successful disaster recovery tabletop exercise is provided out-of-the box, giving you a strong and comprehensive starting point.
  • Event Management forms can be used to directly engage participants of the exercise with the ability to capture and report on results for audit purposes.
  • Work within a consistent, safe and repeatable environment to be connected to other solution areas such as ERM, audit and vendor management.
  • Use recurring tasks and workflows to automatically task out what needs to be done to perform the exercise and remediate any of the action items so that you don’t lose track of what’s most important.
  • Get access to a wide range of out-of-the box business continuity reports that can be customized and scheduled on a set frequency
  • Our robust reporting engine can produce a variety of critical visualizations to support your disaster recovery plan:
  • Audit narrative report: Get a narrative overview of everything that happened within one exercise.
  • Incident table report: Easily see all action items or evaluation results in one place and keep track of the results.
  • Through your advisory support, obtain customized reports building off of these reports, or create entirely new reports that are specific to an organization. Through your subscription with LogicManager, you have access to strategic and best practice advice from Advisory Analysts who have experience in helping organizations achieve and strengthen their BCP and Disaster Recovery programs.

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