eBook: How to Leverage the RIMS Risk Maturity Model

A Guide to Leveraging the Seven Attributes of the RIMS RMM

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The RIMS Risk Maturity Model is a best-practice framework and free online assessment tool. It is designed to give individuals with risk management responsibilities the information they need to develop and sustain enterprise risk management programs. It provides real-time, personalized benchmark reports based on data entered during the assessment.

Using the RIMS RMM as a means to improving your ERM program offers a few benefits: meet legal obligations by measuring how well the organization has adopted a risk-based culture; realize the ROI of mature ERM programs; experience results applicable to all companies, public or private.

In this eBook, we’ll discuss the seven attributes of the RIMS Risk Maturity Model, taking a look at why the RIMS RMM emphasizes each, as well as how it applies to your organization.

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