Happy Halloween from the LogicMansion!

Steven Minsky | Oct. 31

When night replaces eve this coming Halloween,
they’ll come – creepies and crawlies, and all of them mean!
Fear neither ghosts nor ghouls (nor other things cruel) –
Jason or Dracula, Freddie or Frankenstein,
in the LogicMansion, operations work fine.

So come, take shelter in the LogicMansion.
Come to foster your company’s expansion.
We’ll help identify, assess, and evaluate,
and banish the surprises you hate!

There’s lots to manage, map, and mitigate,
like emails, risk scales, and due dates,
but if a control fails (or is simply late),
you can always identify the cause of its fate.

Let’s see, there’s…

Creepy compliance (so many requirements),
the seeming gratuity and superfluity of business continuity
(to lessen vulnerability, you need agility and recoverability),
external threats we’ll certainly address
(look at fraud, or cybersecurity),
faulty systems, or even threats from inside
(remember Jekyll and Hyde?).

With a pumpkin and a knife,
you can carve intricate images of strife,
and after Halloween, when your porch
is swept of candies, wrappers, wax, and hay,
we’ll pass you the torch
so you can Manage Tomorrow’s Surprises Today®.

Halloween Blog Image

Happy Halloween from the LogicManager Team!