LogicManager Recognized With 14 Top GRC Software Vendors in 2016 Assessment

Steven Minsky | Jan. 27, 2016

LogicManager was recognized in a leading industry analyst’s most recent evaluation of the top 14 GRC reporting software vendors. We take pride in the continued refinement of our product offerings and capabilities, as well as customer satisfaction levels unparalleled in the governance, risk, and compliance market.

LogicManager’s business model is designed to remove frustrations common with GRC solutions:

  • Software upgrades are included in the subscription. They are also seamlessly integrated so your use of the tool is never interrupted.
  • Full deployment is under 5 days.
  • Professional service fees don’t exist at LogicManager; we have never charged for them.
  • Customer success is our single highest priority. We ensure the whole process, from industry research to vendor selection and finally use of the actual tool, is as smooth as possible. Every meeting and product update is designed with the sole purpose of helping your business achieve its goals. Our continual 90-day satisfaction guarantee holds us to this standard.

LogicManager receives perfect score in customer feedback

We greatly value our customer’s opinions and feedback, and place a large emphasis on ensuring their input shapes the development of the LogicManager platform. As a result, LogicManager has earned an unparalleled score of 5/5 in “Customer Feedback.” Our customers tell us they are pleased with its ever-improving capabilities, their relationships with our dedicated analyst team, and the knowledge that their feedback isn’t just considered, it’s prioritized and built into our product roadmap.

Customers report being so satisfied because the platform has a high degree of flexibility and a hassle-free implementation. Our continual 90-day satisfaction guarantee eliminates the stress that comes with choosing the “right” provider. The onus is on LogicManager to make customers successful, a rarity in a GRC market driven by professional service fees and large, up-front commitments.

LogicManager noted for never charging customization or service fees

Perhaps the most distinguishing factor between LogicManager and other GRC software vendors is the fact that we never charge professional service fees. Implementation, configuration, data importation, and ongoing professional services are all included in the subscription. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model means a new customer’s program can be up and running in less than one week.

Customers have regular meetings with their team of LogicManager analysts to discuss their usage of the platform, train end-users, and ensure that any unique business requirements are met as soon as possible. As acknowledged in the report, a cutting-edge platform is only part of the package; equally important is the support and expertise that will allow you to make the most of it.


LogicManager’s robust content offerings are easily accessible with flexible SaaS delivery

We provide a variety of risk assessment templates and other best practice content for numerous use cases. LogicManager’s reporting engine, included in the subscription, is a robust tool that nearly every customer makes use of. These reports can be adapted, added to, or if need be, replaced with the latest demands of company leadership. Whether you have a small team focusing only on risk management or a large team with a variety of GRC analysis needs, the tool can be customized and retrofitted with existing data so that it’s a perfect fit.