Customer Value Story:
Engaging a Global Remote Workforce

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The pandemic has disrupted operating models of businesses across the globe. Since the beginning, LogicManager has partnered with our clients to help them pivot and prepare. As we wrote about in our blog, our company was built on a foundation of seeing around the corner. In February, we rolled out a COVID -19 relief package to our customers. In May, we rolled out a Return to Work and Preparing for Wave 2 Solution package.

Over that critical period of time, we collected over 160 value stories from our customers about how they leveraged our guidance to drive their businesses forward. This series will delve deeper into those stories in hopes of helping other businesses throughout this challenging time.

Company Profile

Recently, we welcomed a client who operates in the energy and sustainability sector. When you’re focused on accelerating the sustainability of organizations worldwide, it can be hard to prioritize your work. How do you put things in order of importance when you’re tackling something as big as global warming?

To scale their efforts up to the level of urgency that climate change imposes, this customer’s organization partners with multi-site businesses and has dozens of locations across five continents. They are as diverse in their client portfolio as they are in their geographic presence, serving businesses of all sizes and industries.

Their mission is to help organizations mitigate the risk of climate change, but this year they were worried about mitigating a major risk of their own: COVID-19.


Minimizing the impacts of a pandemic suddenly took precedence over pursuing their core initiatives. When businesses across the world were forced to switch to remote working, having so many different sites around the world, our client needed to be able to manage the impacts coming at them from all angles.

Not only was safety a top concern, but they needed to ensure that their employees were returning to work in alignment with the regulatory guidelines of their respective cities, states and countries. How could they ensure that all employees adopted and adhered to these various rules and took the recommended precautions? They came to LogicManager for help in navigating these new challenges.

How We Helped

Our Advisory Team offered the solution of implementing one centralized incident form so that our client would be able to keep track of who was requesting to be physically in the office when, and in which offices. The responses were then connected and streamlined within our incident management tool. The incident form served three main purposes:

  • To help leaders manage office capacity to ensure social distancing is being followed.
  • To force those requesting to return to attest to having read the guidelines and agree to take the listed precautions. This ultimately protects them from negligence by proving they clearly communicated how employees should be managing themselves in their office environment.
  • To notify different site managers when one of their employees is requesting to return to their site, keeping in mind the various city, state and country regulations.

In order to gauge who was interested in returning to the office, this client sent out the incident form via a secure webform that was accessible to all, and made participation mandatory on a company-wide level.

Business Outcome

Ultimately, this company was able to reveal that only 15% of their workforce is interested in returning to the office. They can now delegate their resources appropriately, instead of wasting time and money coordinating the return to work on an unnecessarily large scale. They can focus their efforts on catering to those who do wish to return to the office, saving them money on rental space, PPE, office supplies, commuter benefits and more. Not to mention, they gain peace of mind in knowing that those who are returning to work have taken the time to educate themselves on the provided health and safety plan and have agreed to wear masks.

By leveraging our incident management and advisory resources, our client was able to heal a significant pain point, avoiding the need for developing these critical regulatory actions from scratch. Now, they can reallocate that saved time and energy towards their evergreen mission of improving the sustainability of businesses everywhere to promote a cleaner world.

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