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Experience true flexibility and endless possibilities with LogicManager’s cloud GRC software.
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Why SaaS GRC?

There’s a better way to approach governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC). We hear about a lot of negative experiences with on-premise GRC solutions.

Organizations are no longer compelled to purchase expensive systems that are too often outdated and overly complicated.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) GRC software allows companies to create their ideal solution without having to worry about lengthy implementations, hidden costs, or time-to-value.

Why LogicManager?

With LogicManager’s SaaS GRC software, organizations are able to build, maintain, and grow without the expertise of IT professionals.

Your entire suite of SaaS GRC solutions are easily accessible through subscriptions to LogicManager’s all-in-one platform.

Our GRC SaaS solution enhances user experience by customizing the platform to your organization’s specific needs without professional service fees.

The Benefits of LogicManager’s SaaS GRC Software

Questions About Pricing?

Flexible, value-based pricing for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

LogicManager was founded on the belief that software can be powerful, intuitive, and affordable. Our flexible pricing packages are based on your unique needs. The best part? We’ll never hit you with a hidden fee.
LogicManager’s complete set of governance, risk, and compliance tools are more powerful because they’re integrated. This results in meaningful insights that ensure performance.
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“What we needed was some hand-holding with regards to what to look for in the system and how the taxonomy of the different areas speak to each other so we could maximize the benefits of it. LogicManager has definitely provided that, as well as the expertise that the analysts have with regards to ERM, and we’ve been able to learn a lot. They have the greatest response rate ever known to mankind!”

Jean Outland-Rhodes | ERM System Administrator, Rutgers University