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ERM and GRC Resource Center

ERM_enterprise risk management datasheet

LogicManager establishes an ERM process for your organization by equipping risk managers with the critical framework they need.

vendor management datasheet

Our vendor management solution creates a comprehensive repository of your organization’s vendor relationships.

financial reporting sox

LogicManager’s financial reporting (SOX, MAR, etc.) solution creates operational transparency and improves reporting accuracy.

regulatory compliance datasheet

LogicManager’s regulatory compliance solution helps your organization manage compliance requirements more effectively.

audit management

LogicManager offers an internal audit management solution that helps your team schedule and plan audits more effectively.

incident management

Our flexible incident management solution enables you to streamline, standardize, and centralize incidents and loss events.

IT governance and security sheet

Our IT governance and security solution helps you protect IT assets and prioritize which areas are critically affected by these assets.

model risk management

LogicManager’s model risk management solution centralizes your information, keeps the right people engaged, effectively mitigates risk & monitors controls.

Due diligence plugin

LogicManager’s due-diligence plugin supports a program that exceeds industry standards and meets requirements from the SEC, FINRA, and more.

PCI DSS Compliance

We provide a PCI DSS compliance solution that helps your organization achieve and maintain PCI Compliance year-round.

Business continuity datasheet

LogicManager’s BCP/DR solution enables you to prioritize critical business areas and resources so you never lose access to them.

Policy Management

Our centralized document/task management system allows you to create approval workflows, schedule reviews, and establish version control/archiving.

performance management datasheet

LogicManager fills the gap between performance management and strategic plans by connecting data to risks, objectives, and initiatives.

healthcare incident management

LogicManager’s incident management solution provides all the tools you need to evaluate incidents, tracing the event chain back to the source, or root cause.