Project Description

Compliance Feeds and Alerts

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Compliance FeedsOur dedicated team of ERM professionals monitor regulations for changes and clarifications, equipping a compliance management software solution with all the industry-specific content and updates you need. When changes or updates are made to regulations, frameworks or other compliance standards, LogicManager updates your compliance repository and sends notifications to the appropriate party in your organization. These changes get logged and tracked historically, and updates can trigger assessments so your managers on the front line can review their responsibilities and offer feedback on how a particular mandate affects their functional area.


  • Compliance Feeds: Using your current subscriptions or those offered by our Analyst Team, your compliance notifications will feed through LogicManager so that you can automate and document the tasks and workflows relating to compliance changes. Keep your team at all levels up to date with the latest standards, and direct information to any number of users in order to engage personnel, track the progress of ongoing issues, and keep a historical repository of responses.
  • Assurance: Any changes to regulatory mandates is an opportunity to mitigate compliance risk, and the best way to provide immediate assurance that your organization is up‐to‐date with the latest changes is through compliance assessments. With LogicManager’s ERM Compliance Package, engage any number of front line managers with assessments aimed at identifying how your organization is handling regulatory requirements. Users can provide feedback on how the regulation applies to their business area, limiting uncertainty for executive sign‐off.
  • Evidence: Document the training, controls, and artifacts related to any compliance management system initiative, so you know exactly what activities relate to each aspect of your compliance program. Demonstrate your compliance to regulators with testing results and customizable reports, and ensure the appropriate stakeholders are engaged and fully aware of their compliance responsibilities.
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