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What is Customer Complaint Management?

Across all industries, organizations are incorporating technology into how they interact with their customers. Rather than dealing with bank tellers in person, for example, customers can complete transactions on their phone.

A customer complaint management system is reflective of how a company records, manages, and responds to their customers’ feedback. Companies who practice effective customer complaint management can detect the root causes of issues by monitoring and addressing overall trends and ensuring they get addressed. This in turn prevents other seemingly-isolated incidents from occurring in the future and reduces the number of unsatisfied customers.

What are the Benefits of a Customer Complaint Management System?

Complaints that are handled well increase customer loyalty and provide a competitive advantage. For example, one customer might report a problem with her funds availability, while another customer might report being hit with an overdraft fee even though he has more than enough money in his account. These appear to be different issues, but when the organization considers them together, management discovers a technical issue similar to the application glitch addressed by one major investor management company.

While not all complaints can be resolved in a few hours, having a customer complaint management system in place provides an efficient way to keep track of an issue over time. Complaint management tools should provide users with the ability to assign ownership to  certain complaints, build out workflows for the remediation process, and provide status updates on where the incident is in the pipeline. Automated systems like this reduce the amount of resources spent on manual processes so the company can focus on improving customer satisfaction as a whole.

Throughout the remediation process, keeping the customer in the loop is important to maintaining the relationship. Customers have the ability to just as quickly report directly to regulators, which they may do if a problem is not being handled quickly enough. Something as simple as a notification that the complaint has been processed can be enough to assure a customer they’re being cared for.

LogicManager’s Customer Complaint Management Software: 

Customer complaint management is crucial to retaining loyal customers, especially in the event of an unexpected mishap. LogicManager provides a centralized solution that formalizes the complaint management process to resolve individual issues. In addition, it ensures that the root causes are identified and addressed to prevent future incidents.

  • Online Incident Forms: Create customized webforms that can be directly embedded onto your company website. LogicManager’s incident management tools allow you to control the form’s permissions and grant the right people access to the appropriate information to resolve the issue.
  • Visibility Rules: Expand webform response fields with LogicManager’s automated and configurable visibility rules. The customized form allows companies to gather more relevant and accurate information about a customer complaint.
  • Automated Workflows: Route tasks to the appropriate parties instantly and avoid losing issues in the shuffle. LogicManager advances incident management with automated risk management tools, such as alerts, reminders, and notifications that require a simple one-time set-up.
  • Centralized Platform: Collect and manage all incidents in one centralized repository of risks. LogicManager’s risk taxonomy technology enables any relevant party to identify systemic risks and their root causes across all departments.
  • API Integration: Seamlessly integrate with e-mail, tools such as LDAP and SSO technology, and other incident reporting platforms. Our integrated risk management software and data upload functionality allows customers to incorporate all aspects of their business when managing complaints.
  • Reporting Engine: Report on customer complaints, their trends, and remediation status within LogicManager’s business intelligence reporting engine. Pull specific complaints from a master list to compile a range of reports from a narrative report of a particular incident to broader scope reports outlining trends.

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