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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Framework

What Are the Benefits of a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Framework?

Cybersecurity, much like business continuityvendor management, audit management, and other business areas, is not mutually exclusive from risk management. Rather, all of these solution areas together make up an effective risk management program. None of these solutions can be executed effectively without collaboration between departments. Cybersecurity overlays your organization’s overall governance structure. Combining it with the solutions mentioned above will make your risk management effort more effective and your cyberspace more secure.

In the modern business environment, technological advancements easily outpace regulatory requirements and standards. Such advancements prove to be a double-edged sword; although technological advancement streamlines operational capacity, reduces costs, and increases efficiency, it also opens up new vulnerabilities. New technologies mean new tools for both businesses and attackers alike, but the more you rely on technology, the more exposed you are to related weaknesses.

Cybersecurity risk assessments are essential to enterprise governance. LogicManager provides the content and platform necessary to connecting applicable IT standards, frameworks, compliance requirements, risks, controls, and resources.

LogicManager’s Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Framework

LogicManager’s cybersecurity risk assessment templates provide a risk-based methodology for identifying, assessing, and evaluating risks.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments:

LogicManager provides pre-built cybersecurity risk assessments. Our cybersecurity assessments are actionable tools that provide the building blocks for a robust cybersecurity risk management program.

LogicManager’s pre-built cybersecurity risk assessment templates are completely customizable so you can adjust your identification and assessment process to fit your specific industry and unique organization. Work with your dedicated advisory analysts to set up your cybersecurity framework just the way you want. Whether you’re hoping to assess your own internal cyber policies or the security of your third parties, we’ll help you get all the information you need to prioritize your cybersecurity risks, allocate resources efficiently, and design effective controls to protect your business.

Other risk assessments included in LogicManager’s platform:

  • Data Privacy Risk Assessment
  • Email Risk Assessment
  • Application Risk Assessment
  • Business Risks and Security Assessment for Mobile Devices
  • Network Authentication Risk Assessment
  • Outsourced Program Risk Assessment
  • Vendor Management Risk Assessment

Best-Practice Standards:

By incorporating best-practice cybersecurity frameworks and control guidance into your governance plan, you’ll quickly find gaps in your risk mitigation environment and determine how best to combat them.

Frameworks and standards supported by the system include:

LogicManager recognized for Ability to Execute in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Risk Management Solutions.

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