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FFIEC Business Continuity Planning

What is the FFIEC Business Continuity Handbook?

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) publishes a wide variety of handbooks and tools to aid the institutions that they regulate. The council aims to supervise and promote uniformity across the financial services industry, and their examination guides are a testament to this commitment.

The FFIEC’s Business Continuity Planning handbook was designed “to provide helpful guidance to financial institutions regarding the implementation of their business continuity planning processes.” Their focus on business continuity was with good reason, because it is the minutes, hours, and days following system downtime or a business disaster that can make all the difference when it comes to recovering operations and avoiding long-term repercussions.

Implement FFIEC Business Continuity with LogicManager

From alerting the right people to knowing what essential processes to prioritize, planning before a surprise happens is essential.

LogicManager’s flexible structure allows for the FFIEC Business Continuity Planning handbook to be loaded directly into the application. This means that financial institutions can assert whether or not they meet the guidance of the FFIEC, and address gaps as they are identified.

Unlike an assessment or checklist that is conducted on paper, or stored in spreadsheets that lack version control, LogicManager allows for centralized storage and sharing of the handbook. With LogicManager’s robust Taxonomy, organizations can then tie their business continuity policies and procedures directly to the people, physical assets, and applications they affect.

Instead of business continuity and recovery plans being silo’d into one department, or addressed with numerous point source solutions, with BCP software the entire enterprise is informed and accountable.

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