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Food Safety Compliance (ISO 22000, USDA, etc.)

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Food Safety Compliance Management softwareConsequences of inadequate food safety, quality and compliance management can be catastrophic. Outbreaks of salmonella, contaminated produce and tainted meat, all vault companies into unwanted news headlines while facing serious financial financial repercussions. Regulations and enforcement have become increasingly strict and the penalties for non-compliance have risen dramatically. Such hazards can occur at any stage in the manufacturing and production cycle, making it critical to have effective controls and monitoring in place enterprise-wide.

LogicManager’s integrated risk-based platform allows risk and safety managers to bring together the components of Food Safety Management program. By enabling the integration of supply chain management (on-boarding, inspections, and monitoring suppliers and all vendor risk management responsibilities), hazard & incident analysis, EHS management (meeting environmental health and safety requirements), tracking of key quality and safety controls, and monitoring of all corrective actions, LogicManager provides a bird’s eye view of the food safety process with the drill down capability to resolving issues, complaints, and audit findings.

Standards & Templates

  • ISO 22000
  • USDA
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