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Bribery, Corruption, and Fraud Prevention

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This plugin contains LogicManager’s frameworks, risk assessment templates, checklists, and KRIs for organizations to prevent bribery, corruption and fraud.

For many organizations, especially those conducting business in global and emerging markets, bribery, corruption and fraud are serious concerns. Whether intentional or negligent, engaging in practices such as bribery and fraud can halt operations. Policies and controls surrounding gifts, hospitality, and suspicious transactions must be centralized and effective. The surprise of a regulatory inquiry looking into the practices of one business line, geographic area, or employee can ruin both the bottom line and the reputation of an organization.

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fraud risk assessmentLogicManager provides out of the box fraud risk assessments, corruption risk assessments, UK Bribery Act risk assessments, and corresponding checklists to make sure that the entire organization, all the way down to the front line, is staying in compliance with key regulations and adhering to frameworks such as:

  • The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • The 2010 UK Bribery Act
  • IIA Fraud Prevention & Detection Checklist

Additionally, LogicManager provides customers with robust KRIs and KPIs to track performance in relation to these regulations. The benefit of these metrics is that, unlike testing or policy attestations, they provide hard evidence as to whether or not the policies are effective in managing risk. KRIs and KPIs can detect areas of noncompliance before it is too late. When a KRI or KPI falls out of tolerance, managers are easily able to pinpoint the areas of the organization that are exposed to bribery, corruption and fraud.

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