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HITRUST Common Security Framework (HITRUST CSF)

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Due to the nature of the services they provide, healthcare organizations must adhere to strict risk management – and specifically, regulatory compliance – requirements. The multiplicity of healthcare requirements is a strong motivation for effective risk management, especially in conjunction with the sensitive nature and high number of patient records stored in electronic systems. Furthermore, healthcare is an inherently volatile industry in which incidents can happen at any time, necessitating appropriate prevention and response strategies.


HITRUST CSF is the Health Information Trust Alliance Common Security Framework. It is a certifiable framework specifically designed to help healthcare organizations structure a consolidated approach to information security.

Because the industry is so saturated with complex standards and regulations, including HIPAA, achieving consistent, effective compliance can be a difficult feat to achieve without simultaneously detracting from overall performance. HITRUST CSF, now the most commonly used healthcare framework (in the U.S.), unravels these crisscrossing requirements and boils them down to one overarching framework.

Much as the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) is designed to harmonize different regulations and standards and therefore “reduce” the total number of requirements an organization must directly address, the HITRUST CSF reduces resource expenditures without sacrificing compliance effectiveness.

That being said, HITRUST’s framework is about more than making compliance as simple and nonintrusive as possible. It also improves the effectiveness of an organization’s overall compliance program. By streamlining the process, organizations can more easily ensure all their basis are covered in the long term.

HITRUST Common Security Framework (HITRUST CSF)

The LogicManager Platform Provides:

LogicManager provides out-of-the-box resources and consistent mentoring so you can successfully integrate HITRUST CSF as a component of your larger risk management solution:

  • Readiness Library
    • LogicManager’s readiness library, a parallel to our root-cause risk library, simplifies regulatory compliance and adherence to frameworks like HITRUST CSF. The readiness library breaks complex regulations and frameworks into bite-sized, actionable statements. Each statement can be assessed independently, with regard to a) its importance and b) your organization’s preparedness to meet that requirement.
  • Standardized Mitigation Documentation
    • Activities, policies, and procedures should be documented with a standardized approach. This improves efficiency and facilitates communication between different parties at the organization. LogicManager allows you to document mitigation activities, or controls, in depth: Who designed a control? Who is responsible for executing it? With just a few clicks, individual mitigations can also be tied to each requirement they help satisfy.
  • Robust Monitoring Capability
    • Long-term success relies not only on risk controls, but on continual vetting of those controls. Much as LogicManager allows you to pin specific mitigations to one or more requirement(s), it also provides testing, metrics, and incident collection so your organization can track its own efficiency.
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Here’s How LogicManager Supports HITRUST CSF

LogicManager’s ERM software provides an intuitive, flexible approach to all risk management solution categories, including regulatory compliance management . The platform is the only risk management software that provides an easy way to link risk assessments directly to performance impactors.

Our software is fully customizable, allowing users to disable functionalities they don’t currently need, schedule automated alerts and notifications, and add to/remove from the existing risk libraries that come out-of-the-box with a subscription.

Use the system to complement the simplified approach afforded by the HITRUST Common Security Framework. Identify the resources you need to adhere to your new CSF approach, then use LogicManager’s patent-pending Taxonomy to link the framework to impacted departments, resources, and processes.

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