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Incident and Case Management for Healthcare Organizations

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LogicManager Incident Management and Case Management Plugin for Healthcare OrganizationsAn incident in its most basic form is a manifestation of risk. Any incident, be it a slip and fall, accidental needle stick, or patient complaint, can be traced back not only to risk, but also to the compensating controls that failed to mitigate that risk. It’s with this basic framework that LogicManager provides healthcare organizations with an end-to-end Incident and Case Management solution.

Healthcare providers are expected to track and resolve incidents for a multitude of regulations like HIPAA, PSQIA, and FCPA. These incidents are traditionally tracked in homegrown systems, standalone incident platforms, or by pen & paper, without providing the healthcare provider any insight into the root causes of risk or how best take corrective actions. Moreover, reporting channels can range from anonymous hotlines to email inboxes, exposing providers to the risk of unreported incidents or those that might slip through the cracks. Due to the complexity of managing these incidents, risk and compliance professionals often dedicate countless hours to spreadsheet manipulation, data mining, and report generation that should be spent targeting areas of emerging risk and developing more effective mitigation strategies.

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LogicManager provides healthcare organizations with a consistent, standardized process for managing cases and capturing incidents, without impacting your day-to-day personnel by introducing needlessly complex systems.

By introducing the concept of “self-serve” customization, risk and compliance professionals in the healthcare industry now have autonomy to manage their incident management programs without relying on costly professional services, and with the comfort that LogicManager’s dedicated Healthcare Analysts are relaying best practices and the success of our healthcare customers.

By applying a risk-based methodology to your incident management and response practices, healthcare providers can more effectively track liabilities and implement corrective actions. LogicManager’s powerful Business Intelligence Engine captures trending and automates reports to senior leadership, keeping relevant parties in the loop and reaching across silos.

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