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The NFPA 1600 Standard 

What is NFPA 1600?

Disasters are unpredictable and the consequences can be severe. When calamity strikes, whether it is an electrical fire or a tropical storm, it is always better to be prepared. The National Fire Protection Association updated its National Preparedness Standard in 2016, relabeling it as the Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity/Continuity Operations Programs.

The NFPA 1600 serves as an excellent resource for organizations to model their emergency management program after. The core areas of the National Preparedness Standard highlight best practices for protection, prevention, response, mitigation, and recovery. The NFPA 1600 Standard empowers organizations to tackle whatever mother nature throws at them and to prepare a seamless business continuity process.

What are the Benefits of Emergency Management Software?

In the event of an emergency, it can be difficult to remain calm and get your organization’s priorities in order. Emergency management software can house the NFPA 1600 Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity/Continuity of Operations Programs. Having this industry standard at your fingertips ensures that an easy-to-follow emergency action plan is in place, and has been documented and reviewed beforehand.

By following the NFPA 1600 hazard identification and risk assessment, organizations can pinpoint areas of the business that will result in the most severe consequences. This makes it easy for your organizations to have procedures in place to prevent and mitigate major hazards. In the even that a disaster does occur, the NFPA 1600 Standard ensures that strategies are developed to stabilize the situation. It is crucial that an organization is prepared to respond appropriately, so operations can be restored quickly and efficiently.

LogicManager’s Disaster Recovery Solution:

LogicManager provides customers with the NFPA 1600 standard, as well as configurable risk and readiness libraries to break regulations into specific requirements for your emergency management program. The readiness library makes it easy to determine which regulations are being fulfilled by your current processes and which require additional attention to ensure your organization is ready to handle any disaster.

  • Disaster Prevention: Take precautionary measures to lessen the severity of life-threatening emergencies out of the organization’s control.
  • Taxonomy Technology: Use LogicManager’s taxonomy technology to connect risk mitigation activities to the departments, resources, and people they depend on.
  • Centralized Platform: Store emergency procedures and back-up plans in one searchable repository that can help recover critical processes after a disaster, particularly when hardware is lost.
  • Risk and Resource Needs Assessments: Identify which hazards are most likely to occur using LogicManager’s configurable pre-built risk library in conjunction with the NFPA 1600’s hazard identification assessment.

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