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OSHA Compliance

LogicManager OSHA Compliance PluginEmployee health and safety is at the core of any organization. Whether it is key personnel being injured by unsafe conditions or a regulatory fine for an accident waiting to happen, a lot is on the line when it comes to keeping the workplace safe. The thousands of codes, requirements, and guidelines that the entire organization must comply with can make matters even more complex and confusing. Determining applicability and assigning ownership for corrective actions can seem like a daunting task when faced with pages and pages of dense regulatory text.

What is applicable? What are we doing currently? Where are our gaps?

To help, LogicManager offers OSHA compliance checklists, OSHA risk assessments, and OSHA surveys within our OSHA software tool to operationalize this cross functional responsibility. Some sample content includes:

  • OSHA Part 1903 Inspections, Citations, and Proposed Penalties
  • OSHA Part 1904 Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illness
  • OSHA Part 1905 Rules of Practice for Variances, Limitations, Variations, Tolerances, and Exemptions
  • OSHA Part 1910 Occupational Safety and Health Standards
  • OSHA Part 1913 Rules Concerning OSHA Access to Employee Medical Records
  • OSHA Part 1926 Safety and Health Regulations for Construction
  • OSHA Part 1975 Coverage of Employees
  • OSHA Part 1977 Discrimination against Employees
  • OSHA Part 1978 Procedures for The Handling Of Retaliation Complaints Under The Employee Protection Provision Of The Surface Transportation Assistance Act Of 1982 (STAA)
  • OSHA Part 1981 Procedures for the Handling of Discrimination
  • OSHA Part 1990 Identification, Classification, and Regulation of Carcinogens
  • OSHA Form 300 &300A – Work-Related Injury and Illness
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LogicManager makes it possible to share best practices across business areas and geographic locations. So instead of dozens of disparate programs taking a silo’d approach to OSHA compliance, employee health and safety is addressed in a uniform manner with our regulatory compliance software. When silos are knocked down and best practices shared, OSHA compliance transforms from a looming roadblock into the roadmap for a safer organization. It is critical that companies monitor regulatory changes and comply with all legal requirements from organizations like OSHA. Our EHS software helps organizations move towards a healthier and safer environment by ensuring that these requirements are met. 

OSHA Compliance Risk Assessment Template