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Risk Assessment Templates

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Risk AssessmentsRisk assessments are often plagued by subjectivity which means they simply cannot be relied upon to meet their objective. Subjectivity prevents the assessments from being used across business silos and makes verification by audit or compliance review impossible. In order to have effective enterprise risk management, there must be a cohesive, standard risk management framework in place for assessments across the entire organization.

Common standards and assumptions makes information collected across the organization objective, quantifiable and comparable, enabling better analysis, issue resolution and issue escalation when necessary. LogicManager is populated with a risk assessment template framework with best practices (such as the RIMS Risk Maturity Model, COSO ISO, etc.), which is configurable to fit the needs of your organization.

The result is a single overall summary score for each business process that combines the individual scores for each resources and financial item associated with that process and the process score itself. With this information, you can prioritize and focus your ERM efforts.

Download our best practice risk assessment template, populated with risk assessment best practices for organizations in the early stages of the ERM process.

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