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Enterprise Risk Management Surveys

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What are Risk Surveys?

In order to evaluate, mitigate and monitor your company’s risks, you need to determine what your risks are. When it comes to determining your organization’s pain points, the best place to look is internally. Finding out what employees dislike about their job or having them identify issues that can hinder their success can be a great way to identify processes that need improving. Organizations can perform periodic checks by sending out risk management surveys to employees to get a pulse on the company’s well-being.

Enterprise risk management surveys can be leveraged as out-of-the-box webforms that can be sent both internally and externally. Risk surveys give employees the option to voice everyday concerns, which empowers risk managers to pull out the risks and ensure they’re being at the very least documented within the organization’s enterprise risk management process. Further action can then be taken to ensure the risks are being mitigated.

What are the Benefits of Risk Surveys?

Risk surveys have the option to include open-ended responses, giving employees the opportunity to elaborate on any issues they may be having. As an out-of-the-box webform, risk surveys can be sent externally giving risk managers a comprehensive view of their risks across all of their third party networks as well.

Risk management surveys empower risk managers to integrate the entire business in the risk management process. Engaging the organization’s front-lines enables risk managers to collect essential information needed to implement the proper control and mitigation activities on a business-level.

Lastly, as an excellent source of meaningful data, risk management survey responses provide information that can be mapped into your risk management program to implement a healthy risk culture. As more information is collected, the data output produces more detailed and accurate reports. The increased specificity of the data output in turn allows risk managers to create accurate risk statements.

Implement LogicManager’s Risk Surveys: 

  • Online Web Forms: Create customized web forms that can be directly embedded onto your company website. LogicManager’s  incident management tools allow you to control the form’s permissions and grant the right people access to the appropriate information to resolve the issue.
  • Automation and Visibility Rules: Configure risk surveys to take action based on specific conditions. Areas of the survey can be configured to display or hide fields based on user input.
  • Automated Workflows: Route tasks to the appropriate parties instantly and avoid losing issues in the shuffle. LogicManager advances resolution of survey responses alerts, reminders, and notifications that require a simple one-time set-up.
  • Centralized Platform: Collect and manage all survey responses in one centralized repository of risks. LogicManager’s risk taxonomy technology enables any relevant party to identify systemic risks and their root causes across all departments.
  • Reporting Engine: Pull specific issues from a master list to compile a range of reports from a narrative report on a particular incident to broader scope reports outlining trends. Leverage these reports to build a business case to resolve company-wide issues.

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