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What is SANS?

The SANS Institute is a research and education organization, established in 1989. It is the largest and most trusted source of information security training and certification in the world. Developed by experts in a variety of fields including cyber security training, network security, audit, security leadership and application security. Not only do they provide certifications and graduate courses, but SANS creates the largest collection of free research documents covering different areas of information security.

What Are the Benefits of leveraging the SANS Critical Security Controls?

SANS is the best of the best when it comes to information security. Their courses provide organizations with techniques and hands-on training that can be applied directly to their organizations. On top of this, SANS provides endless amounts of free resources to guide your organization through the ins and outs of cybersecurity many of which are based on real world examples and threat vectors.

SANS has done the research to teach organizations how to defend your organization against the most dangerous security threats. Using their expertise, your organization can determine any gaps in your security program and take the steps to prevent cyber mishaps from occurring.

LogicManager’s SANS Cybersecurity Software:

From information security templates to vendor-related documents that highlight which third parties can make your security program more effective, these resources are easy to access. To make it even more effective, LogicManager can customize these to meet your organization’s needs.

Pre-Built SANS Cyber Security Template: Engage process owners across the enterprise with our pre-built, configurable SANS risk assessment template.

Taxonomy Technology: LogicManager’s taxonomy addresses the question of who is responsible for what? Which departments need which SANS resources? And where should resources be spent? Document and create relationships between your organization’s cybersecurity risks, processes, personnel, resources, and more.

SANS Readiness: See if your organization meets SANS standards by leveraging a readiness template to detect any gaps in your security program.

Dashboards and Reporting: LogicManager’s award-winning reporting capabilities allow you to generate pre-built reports on the status of your security program with a click of a button, or create custom reports with the help of your advisory analysts.

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