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Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management SoftwareSupply chains are inherently complex with interconnected relationships and potential vulnerabilities. Too often, supply chain engineers and manufacturing organizations are limited to spreadsheets and scattered documents to keep track of all processes, resources, and milestones involved in their supply chain or project risk management initiatives. Managing all these components is a cross-functional effort, requiring extensive communication and coordination that is near impossible in spreadsheets.

LogicManager’s risk management software brings a holistic approach to simplify your supply chain risk processes and create efficiency. Our integrated platform provides various teams and the tools needed to communicate and coordinate. Some key elements are listed below:

  • Information and workflows are clearly documented, tracked and managed.
  • Incident management software to track and resolve disruptions, loss events or claims, while engaging key individuals throughout the process who need to be involved or notified.
  • Quickly identify all processes, resources, and individuals affected should a disruption occur through our advanced reporting.
  • Identify risks and failure points, apply mitigation activities, and maintain business continuity plans to increase overall profitability and output.
  • Schedule, map, and track all the resources critical to your supply chain.
  • Protect your customers, employees, and shareholders with our integrated risk management solution.
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