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Sustainability and Go Green Management

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Sustainability and Go Green ManagementComplying with the increasing governmental regulations on air quality, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and other sustainability concerns can be complex. The evidence required to document regulatory compliance and complete industry standard sustainability assessments is often widespread throughout and organization. The track and remind efforts contribute to the categorization of sustainability efforts as a cost center, rather than as a key contributor to both the social and financial well-being of an organization.

The relational nature of LogicManager’s ERM software allows you to link risks, activities and metrics to the sustainability efforts they support. Through our compliance management solution, organizations in the Manufacturing, Transportation, and Energy & Utility sectors can build transparency and simplify the process of managing Go Green projects.

LogicManager’s ad-hoc reporting provides the mechanism of converting your relational data into actionable, digestible reports for senior management. See how our compliance management software can help your organization.

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