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Threat and Vulnerability Management Tool

What Is Threat and Vulnerability Management?

Let’s start with an example we’re all familiar with: Equifax. This big-three credit bureau, now known for their infamous data breach, doubtlessly had scanning software to help them identify vulnerabilities on their servers, devices, and applications.

However, the reason Equifax wasn’t able to catch and patch the issue that ultimately led to the exposure of nearly 170 million personal records is they didn’t have an effective threat and vulnerability management tool, or processes to enforce their patching policies.

Threat and vulnerability management solutions govern over the processes you have in place to identify vulnerabilities within your company’s software applications. It’s paramount for all organizations to have a threat and vulnerability management tool alongside the other scanning software they use because it’s not enough to identify a vulnerability; you have to be able to act on it.

What Are the Benefits of a Threat and Vulnerability Management Tool?

There are many benefits to implementing a threat and vulnerability management software to help you govern over your supplemental cybersecurity systems.

One pain point organizations have without this kind of tool is escalation. Again, identifying a threat or vulnerability isn’t enough. With a threat and vulnerability management tool like LogicManager, you can ensure the escalation of an identified threat with incident forms and automated workflows.

LogicManager’s threat and vulnerability management solution is just one facet of our comprehensive enterprise risk management software, which means you’ll also receive the benefit of prioritizing the threats your scanning software identifies according to potential impact.

Another benefit of implementing threat and vulnerability management as a part of your governance, risk, and compliance program is this will enable you to understand the domino effect one vulnerability could have on other areas of the business, as well as the effect remediation action will have on other assets.

LogicManager recognized for Ability to Execute in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Risk Management Solutions.

LogicManager’s Threat and Vulnerability Management Tool

LogicManager provides robust ERM and GRC software, equipped with an adept threat and vulnerability management solution that will empower your business to mitigate security risks.

Framework Alignment: Choose a framework to align your threat and vulnerability management program with such as SANS, NIST, and others within LogicManager.

Pre-Built Risk Assessments: Determine the scope of your vulnerability management program and prioritize resources by objectively risk assessing your software assets.

Incident Webforms: Empower employees across the enterprise to log zero-day vulnerabilities directly in LogicManager with pre-built online incident forms.

Automated Workflows: Once a threat is logged into LogicManager, predefined workflows will kick off to escalate the issue to the appropriate parties. Set up recurring tests to carry out on current policies and controls.

API Integration: Share data between LogicManager and your third-party scanning and virus detection tools.

Policy and Control Management: Track the effectiveness of your existing vulnerability management policies and controls.

Reporting Engine: Distill technical information into intuitive risk reports and dashboards to meet the needs of a variety of audiences. Drill into questions like scans completed, outstanding vulnerabilities, patched threats, and more.

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