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What is a User Access Governance?

As companies continue to acquire more and more technology to make their processes more efficient, employees, partners, customers, and vendors alike continue to demand secure access to a growing range of applications from a variety of devices.

Granting this access certainly adds a level of efficiency, but it also adds a heightened level of security risk every company should be equipped to manage.

In fact, regulations across industries, such as NIST, SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and others specifically mandate organizations maintain internal controls aimed at preventing unauthorized user access and data tampering.

User access governance (UAG) is the process of periodically evaluating user access throughout the entire life cycle of a user’s account, from creation to termination. A well-defined and documented UAG process can effectively reduce security risk while providing auditable evidence for meeting compliance.

What are the Benefits of User Access Governance Software?

Many companies carry out annual user access reviews manually, but UAG requires strict workflows, consistent communication across departments, and insight into granular details. To do this manually introduces many challenges a UAG software can help you overcome.

One challenge a UAG template can help you overcome is cross-functional communication. For instance, a key component of UAG is determining least privilege, but doing so involves many departments. User access governance software like LogicManager centralizes these communication efforts, enabling you to determine least privilege accurately.

Another challenge is keeping data up to date to reflect current job responsibilities and access rights. Organizations are in a constant state of change: employees regularly join, leave, or change roles at the company. Manually updating this information and keeping track of who has access to what is unnecessarily time-consuming. LogicManager’s user access governance template helps you maintain oversight and governance over the UAG processes your business regularly carries out.

LogicManager recognized for Ability to Execute in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Risk Management Solutions.

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LogicManager’s User Access Governance Software and Template

LogicManager is an enterprise risk management platform equipped to operationalize your user access review process. More than just a template, our software provides you the customization, automation, and centricity every company needs to perform user access reviews and mitigate security risk.

User Access Governance Policies: House your UAG policies in one centralized platform to keep employees aware of the goal, scope, and frequency of access reviews.

Pre-Built User Access Governance Templates: Leverage LogicManager’s pre-built, customizable UAG assessment templates to assess accounts for least privilege, segregation of duties, and other principles for preventing fraud.

Centralized Communication: LogicManager enables you to communicate across departments and levels of the enterprise to collect pertinent access rights information and operationalize internal controls.

Account Management Controls: Document account management controls consistent with NIST and other industry standards based on LogicManager’s insights. Maintain tight governance over these controls with regular testing and metric collection.

Trigger-Based and Interval-Based Reviews: LogicManager’s automated workflows and tasks enable you to set the frequency of UAG and automatically trigger a review workflow upon the reporting of pre-defined incidents.

User Access Reports: Generate automatic and custom reports to dive deep into your UAG process, track the effectiveness of access controls, and prove compliance.

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