Identify and Assess Risk

LogicManager’s risk identification and assessment tools will take your program to the next level.

Reimagine risk management with our powerful and intuitive risk assessment tools.

Risk management shouldn’t be rocket science. You need a solution that makes identifying and assessing risk simple. LogicManager’s risk assessment tools are engrained with best practices, so you can build your program on a foolproof foundation. Our software enables you to collect, aggregate, and analyze comparable data across your organization. The best part: you don’t have to be an expert to use it, so breaking down silos is a snap. LogicManager empowers you to move beyond risk identification and assessments. We’re a tool for better decision making, enhanced performance, and all-around success.

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Identify the root cause of your company’s risk.

The most effective risk identification techniques focus on root cause. It’s not enough to identify what happened. You need to understand why it happened in order to truly mitigate risk.

LogicManager standardizes the risk analysis process and enables your organization to discover root causes. This makes identifying systemic issues that affect your entire organization simple.

Our root cause approach and risk assessment tools help you uncover upstream and downstream dependencies enterprise-wide, so you can design centralized controls that eliminate the cost and time of duplicate effort.

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Take advantage of our fully stocked risk library.

LogicManager’s risk assessment software comes with pre-built risk libraries that you can customize and expand as needed.

Standardization is key in this process, and our risk library allows different business units to communicate in a uniform fashion so you can easily identify and prioritize the most critical risks.

Our library is flexible and completely customizable to your specific industry and operations. It also includes a repository of regulations, standards, and frameworks relevant to your business.

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Succeed with connected solutions and unlimited support!

LogicManager’s risk tracking solutions help you understand key dependencies and control effectiveness, so you can better allocate time and resources towards what matters most. Request a free demonstration of our solutions to see how LogicManager’s connected solutions and unlimited support can enable your success.


Try our free risk assessment template for excel!

Our risk assessment template is designed to help you take the first steps in standardizing your processes.

Determine what data you need to collect from your business areas, define key terms, and outline suggested answer selections.


Create rich analyses and engaging reports.

LogicManager’s risk assessment software makes for painless analysis and reporting.

Once you collect objective, comparable data you can easily identify trends and develop a meaningful context for your company’s risk profile.


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