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With the rapid evolution of technology comes and the ever-increasing threat of fraud risk. Stay ahead of the curve with LogicManager’s comprehensive Fraud Management solution package.
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What is Fraud Management?

It’s no question that being a victim of fraud can feel like an incredible violation. Your business works hard to earn money, and it’s only fair that you know where that money goes. When perpetrators of fraud scam a company out of their hard earned money, they rob them of their right to decide where it ends up. This can be calamitous to any business. 

So how can you prevent fraud at your organization? The only way is by taking a risk-based approach and implementing a robust fraud management program. LogicManager’s Fraud Management solution package will help you identify fraud exposure, detect gaps in processes and procedures, recommend remediation steps and facilitate incident response. Read on to learn more.


With the use of many technologies, integrated applications, and amount of sensitive data stored online, fraud risk is an ever-increasing threat. Fraudulent activity can refer to internal cases, such as when there is corruption perpetrated by employees. This may include theft, payroll fraud, false invoicing or financial statements. External fraud threats, ones that are characterized by abusive practices by vendors, suppliers and other third parties, can include the same instances as internal fraud, as well as loan fraud, phishing emails, data hacking and more.

Most cases of fraud can be detected as a risk before it materializes. But if you don’t have a formalized fraud management program in place to issue these controls and processes, you’re more exposed to weaknesses. An organization’s revenue is directly tied to a strong fraud management program; any weaknesses in this process has a direct impact on a businesses ability to grow revenue. In addition to the loss of assets, a poor fraud management process opens up an organization to reputational damage as customers and investors alike will not want to trust a business that is continually making headlines for poor fraud prevention.

Achieve Fraud Management with LogicManager

Minimize risks

Sensitive data is a hot commodity these days, meaning it’s always at risk of being compromised and ending up in the wrong hands. Minimize these risks by strengthening your fraud program:

  • Leverage our structured risk assessment that allows you to collect feedback directly from front-line employees, helping you better assess and prioritize risks.
  • Proactively identify vulnerabilities in your fraud management program rather than responding after the fact, when it may be too late.

Break down silos

A strong fraud prevention program integrates all relevant parts of your organization, breaking down silos and allowing cross-functional teams to work together towards a common goal:

  • Legal/Finance Departments: Stay in compliance with specific industry regulations.
  • Third-Party Management: Ensure any vendors being used by the business are compliant with fraud prevention protocols.
  • IT Governance: Foster a culture of security, empowering employees to easily identify suspicious activity.

Foster transparency

The LogicManager Fraud Management solution also facilitates accountability and transparency:

  • Build out fraud incident reporting forms that allow for anonymous submissions
  • Create automated workflows to ensure quick and efficient remediation
  • Leverage our reporting tools to aggregate your information and identify and share trends in data

LogicManager’s Fraud Management Solution

Here’s more of what you can expect with LogicManager’s Fraud Management solution package: 

  • LogicManager provides a number of compliance readiness assessment templates, including the IIA Fraud Checklist to help you benchmark where your fraud management program is today, and what steps can be taken to further strengthen it for the future.
  • There are many stakeholders in the fraud management process, including risk, compliance and finance. By bringing your fraud management program into one centralized GRC system like LogicManager, you can easily get all of those stakeholders on the same page. Plus, leverage all of the work done by other teams so you never duplicate your work. 
  • Leverage a variety of user-friendly and out-of-the-box incident forms that are also fully customizable to ask only the questions that satisfy your most pressing inquiries.
  • Our robust reporting engine helps you gather all of the fraud-related information you need and keep it right at your fingertips. As fraud information is collected across your organization and tracked throughout several different areas of LogicManager, everything can be connected to form one cohesive picture.

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