Audit Management

LogicManager’s risk-based audit management software helps prioritize business goals, operational objectives, and key processes to add efficiency to audit planning and execution.

Guiding Our Customers Through Covid-19

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Basically, you’re a hero.

Your company is comprised of many moving parts all working towards achieving the operational and strategic goals of the business. Every process, in every business area, carries risks that could threaten these goals, and it’s your job to make sure the controls in place to manage these risks are as effective as possible. Internal process, compliance, IT, and facility driven audits are essential to provide assurance and reduce the threat of fraud and ineffective operations to keep your business thriving. You’re the planner and the executor of these audits, so really, you’re making your business thrive, especially with the help of our audit management software.

But audits aren’t easy.

Without an integrated audit management software, completing these tasks can cause a headache:

  • Performing risk assessments, assigning and documenting controls, testing and evidence collection, issue management, and reporting.
  • Without a single framework, assigning and evaluating risk assessments is a lengthy, tiresome, often subjective process.
  • Housing information in different places makes it hard to keep an eye on the status of projects and critical issues.
  • Reporting on the status and outcome of your audits is near impossible when you have to hunt down the information you need.

LogicManager is your solution.

Let us introduce you to an audit management solution that erases all of your pain points in one fell swoop.

Go the extra mile.

We know you love to go beyond the call of duty. Once you adopt an internal audit management software, you can focus on doing just that. LogicManager’s audit management tools are designed to help you align strategic business goals with operational objectives. By giving you an enterprise-wide view of your risk at all times, LogicManager drastically reduces the time and money you spend on auditing.

We're along for the ride.

When you sign on to LogicManager, we pair you with a team of advisory analysts who are as invested in your success as you are. They’re your sox compliance partner throughout the lifetime of your subscription. They get you up and running with one-on-one training sessions, upload all of your existing data into the system, help you build the reports you need, and are available to answer any technical and best practice compliance management questions you have.

How to Audit Cyber Risk

At The Institute of Internal Auditors’ All Star Conference, LogicManager’s CEO Steven Minsky presented on how to utilize a risk-based approach to audit cyber risks. Check out his blog post to learn more.

 LogicManager is cost-effective, is very flexible so it can be used for many risk management tasks, and the support is fantastic! 

Bill Baumer | Chief Audit & Risk Officer, Cognition Financial


Want to learn more?

We’ve prepared this just for you. With LogicManager’s audit tracking software and support, you can move beyond compliance and financial reporting, and leverage audit’s scope of organizational knowledge to focus on strategic goals and operational risks. Download our free datasheet to learn about all the benefits.

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