LogicManager’s business continuity planning software helps you Manage Tomorrow’s Surprises Today® by providing the framework and tools needed to maintain a consistent business continuity planning process across the organization.
Our risk-based business continuity solutions helps with disaster recovery planning, Business Impact Analysis (BIA) assessments and provides assurance that critical business areas will not be disrupted in the event of a challenge or disaster.

Flexible, Easy to Use, and Robust


Business continuity planning and management are the essential strategies and processes for maintaining business operations following a disruptive incident. LogicManager offers a variety of risk-based solutions designed to assist in the planning and execution of such programs.

Business continuity solutions

Maintain your business continuity management systems and responsibilities through task wizards, appearing as a to-do list on the home screen for each user. Automated email notifications, alerts and reminders help you keep track of critical process updates, resource reviews and any outstanding incidents.

Pre-built, configurable content

Leverage out-of-the-box risk libraries, assessment templates, surveys and business profiles to standardize the business continuity planning process. Edit pre-built content or have us retrofit your existing data into the system for a quick and seamless implementation.

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Identify your critical business functions, resource requirements and uncover both upstream and downstream dependencies. Leverage pre-built yet configurable templates and scoring structures to standardize your business impact analysis (BIA) process, and more effectively determine acceptable downtimes.

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning

Establish a defined business continuity plan to ensure that critical business areas will effectively respond in a disaster or disruptive event. Identify ownership, outline instructions for response, and schedule reminders to periodically review and update key plans.

Controls, testing and metrics

Manage key metrics, indicators and financial scenarios as they relate to your business processes and requirements. Define appetites and tolerances, and track adherence over time. Design testing with custom results, then provide users step-by-step instructions to review and ensure key BCP components are being managed efficiently.

Manage critical processes and relationships

Providing a standardized methodology for prioritizing business processes and key resources, LogicManager allows you to directly link elements of your business continuity program to one another. Uncover where dependencies exist so that your team is prepared to react if change or disaster occurs.

Crisis and incident management

Centralize and standardize the case management process for all types of incidents and loss events. Determine criticality, assign remediation actions and leverage configurable workflows to facilitate cross-functional investigations.

Reporting, dashboards and analysis

Run out-of-the-box business continuity plan reports, change summaries, response action plans, or build any number of custom dashboards using our built-in risk reporting engine. LogicManager will also recreate any existing reports you use today for a seamless transition. Export, print or schedule reports for automatic delivery to your email inbox, at any frequency.

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All customers are assigned a dedicated LogicManager analyst, who provides unlimited support for the lifetime of the agreement. From on-boarding, training, data import and including industry guidance, report building, and hands-on program assistance, our analysts are trained to ensure your goals are met.

FORRESTERLogicManager’s ERM platform is recognized by Forrester Research with a perfect score (5 out of 5) in “Customer Feedback,” as well as high scores in “Product Vision and Strategy.”

– The Forrester Wave™: Governance, Risk, And Compliance Platforms, Q1 2016

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Planning for disaster may seem superfluous when everything is running smoothly, but all still do it to some degree. LogicManager’s secure, cloud-based implementation, combined with our ability to retrofit your existing data for you and load it into the system, virtually eliminates gaps in your processes. You’ll have access to the system in as little as a day, and full implementation never exceeds 90 days.

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