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Health, safety and environment concerns have never been greater, and regulations on all jurisdiction levels are naturally following suit. Stay ahead of the curve with LogicManager’s HSE Compliance solution package.
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What is HSE Compliance?

Employees are your organization’s number one asset, but they’re also your number one liability. In order to protect your employees and the environment in which they operate, it’s critical to accept full responsibility for their safety. Today more than ever, health, safety and environmental (HSE) operations and concerns should be viewed as an integral part of your organization’s goals. Aligning your strategic objectives with keeping your employees safe helps you stay in compliance with HSE regulations.

Is your organization taking proactive measures to ensure HSE compliance? Are your policies and procedures well documented? Are your employees aware of those policies and procedures? And can you prove it? With LogicManager’s HSE Compliance solution package, this important information is easily reportable and centrally managed. Read on to learn more.


Oftentimes, HSE compliance is viewed as a time consuming and resource intensive process, and the tasks involved are often difficult to prioritize amongst other daily activities. This can lead organizations to put HSE compliance efforts on the back burner, or ignore them entirely. But if you’re found liable for an HSE related incident, your business can potentially face serious regulatory infractions. 

First and foremost, compliance with HSE regulations helps prevent accidents and lessen the likelihood of major disasters. But having a formalized process for staying in compliance also helps prevent litigation by keeping your business on track with accurate reporting and tracking of your efforts. Furthermore, the more accidents that occur, the more times your business must spend reacting to problems. This takes away resources from more important and strategic objectives. Failure to comply with HSE policies also carries the risk that your employees will feel unsafe at work, leading them to post negative reviews and paint your organization in a less desirable light for talented new hires.

Achieve HSE Compliance with LogicManager

Standardize your processes

Using LogicManager’s incident form to track your HSE Compliance data – whether it be issues, incidents, feedback or otherwise – creates a standard process within your organization that is repeatable and scalable. This increases efficiencies in the short and long term.

Foster a healthy work environment

Prioritizing the health and safety of your employees fosters a transparent and trustworthy culture; operationalizing the policies that are there to protect them demonstrates integrity and will ultimately fuel more positive attitudes and productivity.

Strengthen accountability

Automated workflows help increase accountability by facilitating immediate actions to be taken following a task notification. As an admin, maintain fully reportable documentation whenever individuals receive assignment notifications, and log who is on time and who is behind in completing tasks.

Increase accessibility

Incident forms can be accessed via mobile devices. This way, if part of EHS compliance requires the regular inspection of facilities to ensure a hazard-free work space, an auditor can provide live feedback and mark any deficiencies in real time that require immediate attention. This can help prevent potential liability.

LogicManager’s HSE Compliance Solution

Here’s what you can expect with LogicManager’s HSE Compliance solution package: 

  • Out-of-the-box workflows will automate the assignment of HSE related incidents. These workflows are also entirely customizable, and serve as a great visual tool for helping team members understand protocol and reporting to auditors or other stakeholders.  
  • Best practice forms and checklists can be leveraged as is or configured to meet your team’s unique needs. This helps standardize the HSE compliance process across your organization.
  • Leverage our robust reporting engine to get all of the information you need right at your fingertips. Some report types commonly used for HSE compliance include:
    • A report showing the aggregation of how many HSE incidents have been submitted, including the source, owner and more.
    • An “overdue tasks by time frame” report, showing what’s late that day, week, month, etc.
    • See HSE incidents per resource, i.e. vendor, department, application, policy and more.
  • LogicManager offers out-of-the-box fields of information that, as a best practice standard, should be collected from your employees. Like everything else in this solution package, this can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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