NIST Cybersecurity Framework Guide: Free Download

Our free NIST Cybersecurity Framework Annotated Guide provides you with details about exactly what this framework is and how taking a risk based approach can benefit your business.

Free NIST Cybersecurity Framework Guide: Overview

Our NIST Cybersecurity Framework annotated guide is designed to help your organization better manage cyber-security. The framework itself is designed to act as a translation layer that utilizes non-technical language, so cross-functional teams can more easily communicate. The structure of the framework provides organizations with a mechanism to determine your company’s current cyber-security state, and pinpoint a desired target state.

Our guide showcases some best practices so that you know exactly what is needed to navigate this framework at your own organization.

Why Use This Plan?

By using our guide you will be better placed to get the framework’s guidelines up and running at your own organization.

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