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Feel the power of LogicManager’s dynamically advanced GRC reporting capabilities. 


Work Smarter, Not Harder

We’re now offering now offering AI generated insights for existing clients at no additional cost. LogicManager’s “Taxonomy Insights” automatically suggests mitigations and regulations to save you valuable time and resources.


Get the Buy-In You Need and the Efficiency You Want.

Risk professionals are often asked to prove the effectiveness of their risk management program. Maybe you need to get the support of various stakeholders, or present relevant information that’s simple and easy to understand.

LogicManager’s GRC risk reports can help you get the job done and not only answer what is risk management to key stakeholders but also show them how effective it is.

Our risk reporting capabilities are built on powerful taxonomy technology that aggregates and relates all your information so your next audit, regulatory review, or board meeting is a success. Engage any audience with intuitive, accurate reports that enable better decision making and improved business performance.

governance dashboard

Create insightful GRC reports. 

Our risk dashboards come with a wide range of pre-built reports that are easily customizable and fast to generate.

With the click of a button, you can create dashboards for audit, business continuity, compliance, vendor management, incidents, SOX, and more.

Your next audit, regulatory review, board meeting, or any presentation will be a success with interactive GRC dashboards. Especially when you can keep it high level or drill down deep depending on your audience.

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We’ll help create the reports you need. 

When you join LogicManager, we pair you with a team of advisory analysts who are experts in your field. They’ll reconfigure pre-made reports, recreate any existing reports you currently use or build a brand new custom risk management dashboard for you.

You’ll never have to tangle with a collage of different customer support reps. You’ll get a team you can always count on to train you, teach you, and watch you grow. We’ve even created LogicManager University, a repository of how-to videos and best-practice articles, so you can learn at your own pace, at a time that fits your schedule.

LogicManager GRC reporting

There’s no limit to the possibilities.

LogicManager’s GRC dashboards and reports are designed to give you a live-action, alternating view of every risk your company faces.

Provide your stakeholders with the findings that matter most. LogicManager’s taxonomy technology enables you to make connections between operational risks and strategic goals. Scope out risk at a high level, or drill down deep into the details of the risks affecting your company’s top-priority goals.

Track the effectivenesss of risk mitigations, stay aware of the metrics that are about to fall out of tolerance, and uncover processes that could benefit from centralized controls. Not only will LogicManager’s GRC reports get you the buy-in you need, they’ll make your everyday responsibilities a whole lot more efficient.

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Succeed with connected solutions and expert support!

Request a free demonstration of our solutions to see how LogicManager’s connected solutions and expert support can accelerate your success. LogicManager’s GRC reports and dashboards help you prioritize your goals and focus on the risks, projects, and initiatives that truly impact your company.


Present your reports to the board.

Getting buy-in from the board can be a challenge.

Download our complimentary eBook and discover the best way to present your GRC program to the board.


See our GRC reporting in action.

Our advisory team will recreate any existing report you currently use to show you how powerful, flexible, and accommodating our GRC reporting engine is. Just reach out to an analyst!

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