On-Demand Webinar: 7 Ways to Build the Business Case for ERM Software

Building the Business Case for ERM

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Webinar Details:

Duration: 32 Minutes

Presenter: LogicManager CEO, Steven Minsky. Mr. Minsky is a recognized speaker and a certified instructor on the subject of ERM.

In today’s business environment, many organizations are adopting ERM and GRC programs – both at the request of senior management, as well as to meet the expectations of regulators. A large number of these programs rely on spreadsheets and shared drives to manage their risks. But, there are many more software solutions out there that are proven to unlock value beyond what spreadsheets ever could.

And so the question is, why do spreadsheets remain management’s first choice for today’s ERM programs?

Topics covered:

  • What drives organizations to use spreadsheets for ERM and GRC program
  • Why spreadsheets inhibit value creation
  • How today’s ERM software solutions can unlock efficiency, productivity, and monetary value for your company
  • How you can help build the business case for ERM software

After watching this webinar, you will have the tools you need to articulate why spreadsheets ultimately end up holding organizations back, and the actionable benefits that a risk-based ERM software solution can bring to your organization.

Watch the Webinar