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On-Demand Webinar: 5 Steps Towards and Actionable Risk Appetite 

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Webinar Details:

Duration: 30 Minutes

Presenter: LogicManager CEO, Steven Minsky. Mr. Minsky is a recognized speaker and a certified instructor on the subject of ERM.

Risk appetite and risk tolerance are two of the most controversial topics in the Enterprise Risk Management field today.

While some risk managers see value, most struggle to make risk appetite and risk tolerance more than vague, high-level statements that do not relate to day-to-day risk management activities.

Risk appetite and risk tolerance may be important to the Board of Directors and other senior leadership teams, but the measures are meaningless unless they are made actionable within a robust ERM framework. Making risk appetite and risk tolerance actionable will help to improve the direction and efficiency of your ERM program.

This Webinar’s Topics Include:

Topics Include:

  • Understanding the difference between risk appetite and risk tolerance
  • Crafting enhanced risk appetite and risk tolerance statements
  • Aligning risk appetites and tolerances with organizational goals and business models
  • Collecting the right risk metrics for forward-looking reports
  • And More!

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