Release Webinar: Horizon Data Objects Are Complete!

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Date: Wednesday, April 15th at 3 PM ET, 2 PM CT, 12 PM PT

LogicManager is excited to have completed the roll out of the new Horizon Data Objects. Data objects are how data within the application is organized into logical subsets for reporting purposes. Over the past year, we released new Horizon Data Objects as they became available so that you were able to take advantage of them as quickly as possible, however we are thrilled to announce that we have completed the last data object. Horizon Data Objects now contain all information that was previously available in Data Objects v2.

The goal of the new data objects is to make it so you, our customers, can build reports more easily, more efficiently, and with more live data than ever before. To accomplish this goal we redesigned the structure of the data objects and renamed the fields inside the objects so that you can more easily and efficiently identify which model you should use to build your report and find the data you are looking for. We also introduced live reporting data for the first time ever, which you can leverage by using the Plan Information data object. As a part of this webinar, we will go over the highlights of the new Horizon Data Objects and the types of reports that you can create for each of them. 

Additionally, we know that many of our customers want to create reports themselves but sometimes don’t know how to start the process. Therefore, in the second half of the webinar we will walk through how you can create a new report either from scratch or by using our report templates as a starting point. We will cover the most popular functions we use when creating a report so that you can be fully equipped to do this on your own if wanted!

We hope to see you there!

To learn how you can leverage this new LogicManager release, we invite you to attend our complimentary customer webinar:

Release Webinar: Horizon Data Objects


  • Shreya Viswanathan, Senior Advisory Analyst
  • Nick Cook, Product Manager

Who should attend?

System administrators, especially those who are interested in the new Horizon Data Objects and want to learn how to create reports themselves, along with any LogicManager users interested in learning more about reporting as a whole!

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