Release Webinar: Plans, Taxonomy, and LogicManager University

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Date: Thursday, March 5th at 3 PM ET, 2 CT, 1 PT

LogicManager is excited to present the next phase of the new Horizon interface! During our release webinar, we will walk you through the new functionality, and what it enables now and in the future. We will also provide some tips and tricks as well as answer the most common questions we’ve been getting about Horizon.

As a part of this latest release we are excited to finish developing the Monitor tab in Plans, where you perform ongoing oversight of your risk and compliance information. There are different ways you can monitor your information such as performing tests and collecting metrics. With this release, we have added the ability to create brand new monitoring activities as well as edit existing ones so that you can conduct monitoring from start to finish in Horizon.

Additionally, as a part of this release we finished developing the References that you can make throughout the application. You can now make references between indicators and business processes, mitigations and business processes / resources, and see incidents and plans referenced to business processes / resources within Taxonomy in order to fully represent the interconnections that exist within your organization.

We will touch on some of the other enhancements that were part of this release including the ability to manage your assessment settings and add bookmarks in Horizon, as well as updates to the Mitigate tab that allows you to easily see and add monitoring activities that are associated with mitigations.

Finally, we will discuss the redesign of LogicManager University which includes an all new Frequently Asked Questions section, easy access to the tickets you have submitted, ability to interact with other customers in the LogicManager Community, and an updated Knowledge Base to make finding the articles you are looking for as easy as possible.

We hope to see you there!

To learn how you can leverage this new LogicManager release, we invite you to attend our complimentary customer webinar:

Release Webinar: Plans, Taxonomy, and LogicManager University


  • Stephen Bull, Advisory Analyst
  • Dan Aliber, Associate Product Manager
  • Nick Cook, Product Manager

Who should attend?

System administrators, especially those who are leveraging LogicManager for ERM, Compliance, or IT Governance, or are leveraging multiple areas of the application and are interested in learning how you can build connections between these areas, along with any LogicManager users interested in seeing the latest Horizon functionalities!

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