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Looking for an ERM though leader to speak at your event?

LogicManager is always looking for opportunities to share ERM and GRC best practices with new audiences.

If you’re hosting an upcoming event and think that your attendees would like to hear from an ERM or GRC expert, simply submit a request to the right and we’ll see how we can help. In your request, be sure to specify the date and location of the opportunity along with other relevant information. The more details that you can provide, the better our events team can respond to your request.

You can also check out the FAQs below to get a better idea of how our speaker program works, and if a LogicManager guru would be a good fit for your next event.


What event criteria would make my request a good fit for LogicManager?

We ultimately decide on participating in an event if it’s a good fit. What’s most important is that the audience finds value in the presentation. We love connecting with new audiences and exchanging ideas, so we enjoy speaking on an array of topics to a variety of audiences. We also consider the content of your event, any prior engagements with our company, the audience makeup, travel time, and the lead time. If we think the event will be a good investment, we will do our best to participate.

Do I have to pay for a speaker?

Absolutely not. We do not have a speaker fee. If your organization has budget for speaker travel or lodging, we greatly appreciate it, but we do not require any cost on your part.

Can I get a LogicManager executive to speak at my event?

It’s very possible, and we will try our best to make it happen! Specifically, our CEO Steven Minsky is highly recognized in the field and always enjoys the chance to meet new audiences and enhance the disciple of risk management.

Who is Steven Minsky? 

Steven is a self-described risk management enthusiast and widely recognized thought leader in enterprise risk management (ERM). He is the CEO and founder of LogicManager, the author of the acclaimed RIMS Risk Maturity Model, and a recognized writer, presenter, and instructor on many ERM and GRC topics.
Steven is also a patent author of risk and process management technology who always enjoys speaking to other risk professionals. He has spoken at large national conferences as well as small organizational forums. If you’d like to hear from Steven at your event, simply specify that in the form to your right and we’ll be in touch.
You can also follow him on Twitter at @SteveMinsky

What topics does LogicManager like to talk about?

What matters most is that your attendees value our presentation, and our focus is on collaborating with you to develop a presentation that enhances your event.

Our speakers are experts on any topic under the GRC and ERM umbrella, including: best practice frameworks, risk-based approaches to traditional GRC activities, building an effective risk culture, presenting actionable risk data, tactical suggestions for involving front-line employees or external stakeholders, and more! If you have something specific in mind, please include that in your request.

It won’t be an ERM software sales pitch, will it?

Nope! We focus on best practices and actionable insights that your attendees can apply to their own programs right after your event, not LogicManager’s software and services. Again, the more that we can do to enhance the discipline of risk management, the better everyone will be.

If you have any questions, please email

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