Laura Caughey

Transitioning to Tech:
Selling More than Software

Laura Caughey | Sales Manager at LogicManager

Working in tech without a tech background can be an intimidating prospect– especially if you started in a different industry. With a degree in Psychology and Advertising and a successful track record in educational travel, changing to a career in tech might seem unlikely for Laura Caughey. She was interested in the tech industry but found many companies were more interested in offering beer on tap and ping pong tables than community and professional development. Then, she found LogicManager, where her tech trajectory has taken off. Learn about Laura’s foray into the tech industry, the needed skills to succeed, and her words of advice for anyone considering a similar journey.

A Passion for Community

To say that Laura has a passion for travel would be an understatement– and her passport has the stamps to prove it. While finishing her degree at the University of Vermont, she worked with a local cruise company as a sales and marketing assistant. In her role, she discovered the intrinsic value of experiencing different cultures and communities. 

Following graduation, Laura continued her path in the tourism industry through a sales role with EF Education First, an organization that endeavors to open the world through language, travel, cultural exchange, and academic programs. While technology wasn’t a significant component of her previous role, she discovered something important in the world of sales– with the right company, you’re not selling a product, you’re selling a community. When you do so, you’re building on the trust and partnership that is essential to success in sales. 

Making the Shift

When she was ready for her next challenge, Laura initially found the tech industry to be a high-paying yet unwelcoming vertical to enter. When interviewing with other tech companies, Laura found an emphasis on flashy perks instead of career development and community. Most tech companies looked at her lack of tech experience as a non-starter– until she found LogicManager, who found the diversity in her background as a positive, not a negative. In particular, LogicManager found tremendous value in Laura’s experience in sales involving multiple stakeholders. 

Similar to her previous role, LogicManager isn’t just selling a product– they’re offering an extensive and collaborative risk management journey and community. As a recognized Great Place to Work that highly values its culture, Laura felt right at home with LogicManager.  

A Day in the Life

While every day may look a little different, Laura has three main responsibilities. First, as a sales manager, she acts as a mentor and guide for her team. This includes providing hands-on support to her team to move deals along, providing call coaching, and hopping on customer calls. Second, she provides guidance to her team to hone their sales, time management, and consultative skills to achieve their goals. Lastly, Laura champions innovation in collaboration with other departments like product management and marketing to identify new ways to increase the adoption of LogicManager’s thought leadership and risk-based approach.

“LogicManager believes in helping rather than selling. I like that LogicManager invests in all of their employees to become true customer advocates and experts in risk management with equal business status to those that we work with internally and externally,” Laura says. 

Words of Advice

Ultimately, Laura believes that you can be successful in tech, regardless of your background and experience. “If you have strong sales skills, they are completely transferable, regardless of industry. If you know how to be a trusted, consultative partner, and how to ask the right questions, you can get to your potential customer’s pain point and move the sales process along. If your potential customer feels like they are being invited to participate in a thriving community, they’ll be more than eager to work with you.”

She also believes it’s important to try new things– and seek out a company that provides a supportive environment for learning and growth. As an organization, LogicManager is committed to helping employees learn and grow and ultimately develop their talents to grow in their careers. She found LogicManager’s comprehensive  training program to be a valuable resource in her professional development. 

Laura identifies with LogicManager’s attributes-based approach to identifying candidates who want to solve customer challenges and make a difference. Laura finds that she’s selling much more than just software solutions– she’s selling a vibrant community of passionate risk practitioners that help others be successful throughout their risk management journey. 

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