Custom User Experience

A rigid approach to risk management is a setup for failure. LogicManager’s innate flexibility allows you to customize and streamline your user experience to meet your unique risk management needs.


Risks are everywhere, and without the assurance that those risks are being managed, organizations are faced with the omnipresent threat of the See-Through Economy: the technology-fueled reality we live in today in which consumers have the power to instantly turn a company mishap into a full-fledged scandal with the click of a button. So how can organizations harness the power of this phenomenon and use it to their advantage? It all starts with better business decisions.

Using a purpose-built risk management platform helps you better adapt to risks and focus on risks that are most relevant to you and your organization. Having the power to delegate tasks, create accountability and stay ahead of assignments not only helps make your job more efficient, but you’ll gain confidence and security in your decision making. LogicManager’s customizable interface allows you, your employees and your third parties to view your organization’s risks within the context of their unique responsibilities, making your program more meaningful and ultimately, successful.

Core Capabilities

Workflows & Tasks

It takes a village to achieve a goal on time, on scope and on budget. And oftentimes, the biggest hurdle is keeping track of all the moving parts along the way. Easily divide and conquer using LogicManager’s robust workflow engine designed to make everything from large scale projects to specific processes more efficient and effective. Assign tasks to the right people for the job, set up notifications and reminders and simply sit back and watch the progress lead you over the finish line (on time, on scope and on budget).


Automatic Reminders & Notifications

Ensure those projects and processes are always in motion with automatic reminders and notifications. Once one piece of the puzzle is complete, LogicManager will push out the next task to the appropriate person both within the system and via email. LogicManager also automatically notifies individuals about recurring tasks, processes and important dates so you don’t have to. This also ensures that issues never get lost in the shuffle and that people are made aware of problems as they arise.


Centralized Information

There’s not enough time in the day to search through endless documents and emails for one piece of vital information. LogicManager helps you work smarter, not harder by eliminating this burden and adding organization by creating a centralized repository of all your tasks, processes, procedures and documents. Access the information you need, when you need it – it’s as simple as that.


Easily Manage Permissions

Many people aren’t aware of who at their organization has access to sensitive information. But this knowledge gap can be the root cause of significant cybersecurity and data threats. Gain insights by overseeing and managing the access rights of various groups at your organization, from committees to individual employees, all within the LogicManager application.


Taxonomy Profile

Our customizable taxonomy profile allows you to determine exactly which types of information you would like to collect in the system. This ultimately allows you to streamline and automate any process by providing assurance that nothing slips through the cracks. This alleviates stress, prevents duplicate work and ultimately helps you save critical time and resources.


Visibility Rules

Visibility rules are a powerful tool for streamlining the information gathering process. They allow you to ask additional questions only if they are pertinent to a particular element or incident, or eliminate questions based on certain criteria, so that you’re only collecting information that’s relevant and you’re not overwhelming the end user. Build them into any LogicManager form in the system.


Homescreen Customization

Your LogicManager homescreen should present you with the information that’s most important to you. The same goes for your other users and third-party vendors who you rely on to provide you with information through LogicManager. That’s why your homescreen will look different depending on your unique goals and priorities; your view as a risk manager will inevitably look different than that of someone in the HR department. Without the less relevant information taking up space on your screen, the platform is easier to use and you can begin completing your work without distractions.


Integration Hub

The Integration Hub provides a no-code, templated approach to connecting LogicManager with the systems you rely on to complete work across your enterprise. Instantly pull in data from your ERP system, employee data management platform, CRM or virtually any third-party application without the need for your IT team to provide technical resources for configuration. This is a feature designed for you, our user.


One good business decision can leave a lasting impact. Choose a time that works best for you to experience a free, customized demo of our software today.