Automated Insights

Our AI, RPA and ML capabilities produce critical insights based on your organization’s unique taxonomy to help you make better business decisions.


Risks are everywhere, and without the assurance that those risks are being managed, organizations are faced with the omnipresent threat of the See-Through Economy: the technology-fueled reality we live in today in which consumers have the power to instantly turn a company mishap into a full-fledged scandal with the click of a button. So how can organizations harness the power of this phenomenon and use it to their advantage? It all starts with better business decisions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning (ML) are transforming the way we make business decisions. With more clear and contextualized data at our fingertips than ever before, there’s never been a better time than now to be a risk or compliance professional. Whether it’s related to a risk mitigation or compliance requirement, LogicManager’s AI, RPA and ML capabilities look across your unique business taxonomy – including the third parties you rely on – to intelligently guide you towards solutions before there’s a problem.

Imagine if you could work smarter, not harder.

Save Time & Resources

Imagine automatically mapping shared risks across your entire organization and immediately receiving guidance on the appropriate mitigations to take. Imagine that time is no longer a constraint on your ability to review and analyze risks within your organization’s critical documents. Imagine reducing hours spent on problem solving and regaining time with readily-available decision suggestions.

Bridge Silos

Imagine removing silos by uncovering departmental dependencies and discovering which processes and risks within your organization overlap. Imagine connecting your risk gaps with automated suggestions for improvement. Imagine accessing a robust repository of solutions to all your business challenges within one centralized database.

Reduce Costs

Imagine maximizing the value of your employees’ time. Imagine reducing manual efforts so you can dedicate more time toward earning your company money. Imagine eliminating the need for external consultants because your software empowers you to complete their work in half the time.

Core Capabilities

Document Risk Analyzer

Take a risk-based approach to document analysis using our Document Risk Analyzer: a tool that helps you proactively identify issues and gain insights about any business document – without you ever needing to open it – from a vendor contract to the company handbook. LogicManager examines the document with your unique risks in mind, factoring in risk criticality and a variety of other factors (such as external vendor ratings) pulled from third-party integrations. These insights help you better communicate and understand the importance and effectiveness of a document, all while saving hours of manual effort and eliminating duplicative work.


The Automapper

So you’ve identified a new risk or compliance requirement. Now what? Typically, you’d need to spend time designing controls that effectively mitigate the risk, or determine all of the proper steps for adequately meeting the new compliance demand. As a LogicManager customer, however, you won’t have to waste time crafting, re-crafting, sifting through existing controls and retrofitting them to satisfy your new needs. Through our taxonomy-driven artificial intelligence, LogicManager will surface all relevant controls and automap them to any risk or compliance plan in just one click.


Automation Rules

Sometimes a step within a business process is critical, and other times it’s irrelevant. Whether you’re asking a vendor to fill out information or an employee to complete onboarding steps, what you need from their end differs on a case-by-case basis. But that doesn’t mean your processes shouldn’t be standardized. Combine subjectivity and automation by designing automation rules that route users through process steps based on various criteria; are they a critical vendor? Do they need to complete training within more than one department? Proactively design your workflows to automatically guide users through tasks based on the unique risks they pose to your organization.


Automated Assurance

LogicManager holds a lot of information about a control’s design and performance; KRI and KPI data can provide us real-time measurements of performance, such as system uptime, threats flagged or exceptions identified. But calculating assurance still requires subjectivity. LogicManager can combine subjective risk assessments with automated reviews that account for real-time data on your controls. This adjustment is called the “Assurance Index,” and accounts for the tests and metrics performed against a control. The Assurance Index allows you to automate assurance calculations, while still keeping the end result grounded in real-world scenarios.


Reports & Dashboards

Reporting helps you improve your program over time and is a great way to prove compliance or build a case for upper management or the Board. Because of LogicManager’s distinctly interconnected nature and taxonomy framework, you can generate reports and dashboards in an instant. Not only does our robust reporting engine produce templated, out-of-the-box reports and dashboards, but you can customize any template to present exactly the data you need. No more manually generating insights through Excel using multiple point solutions; LogicManager seamlessly integrates with virtually any third-party platform you’re already using to pull in data that’s important to the report you’re looking to produce.

LogicManager Vendor Reporting Daskboard

One good business decision can leave a lasting impact. Choose a time that works best for you to experience a free, customized demo of our software today.