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Why a Risk-Based Approach to Employee Onboarding is important:

LogicManager’s Employee Onboarding Solution

Here’s what you can expect with LogicManager’s Employee Onboarding solution package:

  • Streamline HR communications using LogicManager’s profile tasks. These tasks are customizable so they pose exactly the questions the HR team needs answered, and can be made required. This also helps your HR department know exactly where to look for information without having to search through inboxes and various files.
  • Our workflow engine seamlessly passes the torch from one department to the next with a simple checklist of action items people are responsible for during the onboarding process.
  • In LogicManager, you can quickly generate reports demonstrating the efficiency and repeatability of your onboarding process. For example, document when an employee passed each step and exactly who signed off on it when. Or, run a real time status report to identify bottlenecks.
  • LogicManager is a fully integrated GRC platform, meaning you can honor all of the interdependencies between employee onboarding and other areas of your organization (such as compliance, IT or finance) when planning and executing your governance.
  • Link employees to other resources, such as a department, application or vendor to better predict when an employee might be impacted by a change.
  • Using our “Export to PDF” functionality, easily print any employee record from within the system.
  • Integrate with Workday or other HR systems to seamlessly manage your onboarding process within LogicManager.

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Achieve Employee Onboarding with LogicManager

Fortify your security

LogicManager makes it easy to ensure that the new employee gets access only to the applications, information and physical devices that they need to fulfill their job duties. Unauthorized access to particular software programs, data, keycards or access codes could lead to a security incident and eventual financial or reputational damage.

Break down silos

Ease the burden of all the cross-department communication that must occur between HR, IT, hiring managers and others as everyone works to get the new employee set up in their softwares and processes. Using a software like LogicManager also prevents miscommunication between silos by clearly outlining the responsibilities of the involved parties and automating tasks so that important steps are not missed.

Increase efficiencies

The quicker you get new employees onboarded, the quicker they can start providing value to your organization. LogicManager helps you increase efficiency by eliminating manual processes and offering out-of-the-box solutions so that you can have employees up and running faster.

What is Employee Onboarding?

When your organization decides to hire a new employee, to get from point A (brand new hire) to point B (capable employee) there are a variety of things that need to happen. Depending on the nature of your business, their job description, their supervisor’s needs and the training resources available, these things look different for everyone. However, the process is referred to the same way almost all the way across the board: employee onboarding.

Employee onboarding involves integrating a new hire with your company, including its culture, their direct responsibilities, teammates, overall expectations and more. How a new hire is treated in his or her first few days and months of their employment can leave a lasting impact on their impression of your company. Because of how important the employee onboarding process is, many organizations have – or strive to have – a standard, repeatable process in place. LogicManager’s Employee Onboarding solution package is designed to streamline that process.

Employee Onboarding Risks

Without a formalized roadmap for the onboarding process, your leadership team may spend an unnecessary amount of time developing and executing a strategy for welcoming and training each new employee. This ad hoc approach eats up the time and energy of these valued employees, and also pushes back the date that new hires can start taking on more meaningful work.

While a slow onboarding process wastes valuable time, it can also create a poor experience for the incoming employee. A process that’s too hasty and overwhelms the person can be equally detrimental to their first impression of your company. Any negative experience can leave someone with a bitter taste in their mouth, which could lead to them leaving a bad review on Glassdoor or sharing their criticism with others through word of mouth. This can significantly impact your reputation and hinder you from hiring new talent in the future.

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